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Friday, 4 November 2005
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Wednesday, 2 November 2005
Is Radation Burning a Hole in my Head
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It’s that age-old question again

CNET Web poster Adbates, who’s answer, to me, seemed the most informative concerning the whole wide mix of variables on this subject, informs us click HERE

He says that when compared to other types of risks we take …the cell phone really isn’t too dangerous. For example he makes the point “If there were a significant increased health effect from cell phone radiation, there would not be conflicting reports from studies trying to detect an effect, since people for years have been exposed to all sorts of radiation in the wavelength ranges involved with cell phones.”

He also mentions that he personally thinks, “By exercising and eating foods that help your body counteract the effects of free radicals, you can more than wipe out any risks of cell phone radiation, and likely a few other better known actual health risks too.”

Ha! Now I like this concept posted on the CNET forum by “griffin6002”
(quote)“Your cell phone, for all practical purposes, is safe. Considering it could summon emergency help or prevent you from being mugged or raped, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.”(end-quote)

HA HA even a better one by “jahan” who says candidly (quote) ”Personally, I'm not worried about the effects of mobile radiation. If cigarettes and alcohol don't kill me, what will a little mobile phone radiation be able to do?” (end-quote)

Woops! Its not all one sided
Here is what am a degreed RF/Microwave Engineer said “I have been working in the cellular communications field for 21 years. There are plenty of worldwide studies showing that cellular phone radiation is damaging/harmful to animals and humans. All you have to do is Google keywords like "cell phone, radiation effects, blood-brain barrier, long-term effects, mobile phone radiation,"

Now if you’re interested you may want to check this CNET link
Cell Phone Radation

It has lots of information so if you do some research include this site on CNET which has for example: What are the top 10 worst cell phones for Radiation and many other informative charts and links.
(By the way Motorola wins with the most on Top 10 worst phones)

But hey! WHAT? My cell the Z500a Sony Erickson is a whooping 1.47 SAR level and that is getting very close to the worst…maybe I am concerned afterall hmmmmmmmm?


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Monday, 31 October 2005
Pattern Of Lies For The Wars To Continue
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Topic: WAR

December 8 1941 (the day after attack)
F. D. Rosenvelt declares WAR on Japan
Zebra 3 Reports brings you these ringtones:
FDR says "I Ask"
CBS 12~7~41

Now the "twist" comes in as evidence is proving that FDR did let this happen so he could take us into War with Japan!
Pearl Harbor!

....hmmmm !? sounds familiar Huh?
quoting Rosenvelt: "Sooner or later the Japanese will commit an overt act against the United States and the nation will be willing to enter the war."

Oh really Mr Spin?
We have heard that recently through the years ...thats for sure!

Like in today's news just yesterday, we are hearing that in the records and history of Vietnam there is new information that shows America was lied to concerning intelligence information and the mistake which was covered up, caused the War to continue and has been hidden to this day. HUH???? hmmmmmmm!

This new accusation found --> HERE As described in this quote from that web page:
"The National Security Agency has been blocking the release of an article by one of its historians that says intelligence officers falsified documents about a disputed attack that was used to escalate the Vietnam War, according to a researcher who has requested the article.
(Can you believe those sneaky guys with-holding stuff like that from Joe Anybody or John Q Public?)

Matthew Aid, who asked for the article under the Freedom of Information Act last year, said it appears that officers at the NSA made honest mistakes in translating interceptions involving the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident. That was a reported North Vietnamese attack on American destroyers that helped lead to President Johnson's escalation of U.S. involvement in Vietnam

Rather than correct the mistakes, the 2001 article in the NSA's classified Cryptologic Quarterly says, midlevel officials decided to falsify documents to cover up the errors, according to Aid, who is working on a history of the agency and has talked to a number of current and former government officials about this chapter of American history."

Then the Lies about 911 and who really done it and why?
See --> HERE for manu un-answered questions about 911 and why our Government wont invistigate them
but instead we attack Afghanistan over lies, hype, and fear!

Now in the past couple years we have More Lies with the WMD and the secret War Bush has engaged us in Iraq. This whole war in Iraq is full of bad information, cover-ups, Violations of Human Rights, prisoneer abuses and it is all part of their greedy, fascist, Neocon infested plot!

There are DETAILS HERE And they them selves mention in their Neocon "White Papers" the concept that America needs a "New Pearl Harbor" to help perpetuate their Global Dominance agenda!
As spelled out clearly in
this link --> HERE
which I share below (copy/pasted)
"Bush released on September 20th 2001 the "National Security Strategy of the
United States of America." It is an ideological match to PNAC's "Rebuilding
America's Defenses" report issued a year earlier. In many places, it uses
exactly the same language to describe America's new place in the world."

More and more mis-information all which seems is following the trend of leaders through the years that manipulate and deceive their fellow country men, with life taking bloody lies and human sacrifices paid with our loved ones.

As historians and , activists, and patriots keep the fire burning. Someone is bound to see the Light.

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Saturday, 29 October 2005
Laura Bush Is Greeted By Protestors
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Topic: Protest !
The following is a copy/paste from "The Hilltop" website by Zebra 3 Report

What started as a demonstration of 50 students standing around the flagpole in the bitter coldness of the fall ended with a protest lasting five hours and more than 200 hundred students demanding First Lady Laura Bush to leave the DC Howard University.

"How do you use our facilities and not invite us," asked April Jones, a senior communications major. "We are protesting that and the Bush Administration."

Hassan Minor, senior vice president of the university and the person responsible for the event, told the gathered group that one of the reasons why they were not included in the conference was spacing purposes.
Minor also said that the reasoning behind the closures and the rerouting of students was caused by the secret service's need to protect the First Lady.

Even with the arrival of Howard President H. Patrick Swygert, students still refused to leave. Swygert pleaded with the group to follow him to the flag pole, where security officials said students were allowed to protest. Swygert began walking into the midst of students, telling them to follow him.

At one point, Swygert stopped in front of a student and said follow me.

"These people who would put you in harm's are not looking out for your interests," Swygert said, clutching the student's arm.

The student, who wished to not be identified, stood firm and began to cry. "He doesn't know me," she said. "He doesn't know what I've been through or what my family has been through. He doesn't know why I have to stand here."

Standing on the front lines of the protest, Howard alum and graduate student Amanda Lewis said she was there because of her father who is in the military.

Swygert said that he is proud of the way the students exercised their first amendment rights.
"This is a teaching moment for all of us," he said. "I hope we come out of this a stronger University."

Hey just about any Joe Anybody can stand up and be counted and I admire this group of students who did just that!....and even Swygert deserves some credit. Hey! "NO POLICE VIOLENCE" either...WOW!!


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Friday, 28 October 2005
Legalize Pot and You Will Be Stopping Domistic Violence
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Topic: Civil Rights

To tear down signs and freak over this ballot measure proposed by Mason Tvert, the 23-year-old campaign organizer (shown in picture above)is absolutely "bigoted and child-like" of the Denver elected councilman!!
Read HERE about a bigoted Councilman in Denver, whos name is "Charlie Brown"
(HA! what a name for a block head)
Who in spite of how the TRUTH HURTS Him....look at his reaction and his attitude as he spins the issues and freaks out on the whole Idea of Police taking a low priority for marijuana issues.

What a Imbecile!

I hope this new law in Denver does pass.
Just about any Joe Anybody can see that Marijuana is way more safer than booze.

Just research the facts!
To support this agenda shows some intelligents and it shows you have read the facts that marijuana dangers are about nill. Not to mention a waste of police resources when there is WAY more serious crime to worry about.

Heck what a bunch of crybabies! Serve the people as you were elected and sworn to to do - "And leave your opinion at the door of your job all you Profiteers who's job is paved by funds - off the backs of marijuana smokers."

To the tune of: from 2002 to August of this year, some 6,800 people in Denver were charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.
WOW = That makes for big profits off these innocent non criminals, $$$$

Be forewarned Zebra 3 Readers, we all are going to see more and more of this type of spin-whining as the LOGIC of stupid laws start to get challenged and the bigoted rule makers cry as they are forced into enforcing the PEOPLES LAWS!

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Thursday, 27 October 2005
Arrested for Demanding Accountability
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Topic: Civil Rights

The plan was to speak to the senator, our elected official, the woman that represents us. They ought to give us an opportunity to make our case.? said Reverend Peter Johnson after being turned away from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's office by a cadre of police Tuesday afternoon in Dallas.

Click this link and read how how in Texas people are thrown in jail just for wanting answers from OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS about why we are at war in IRAQ and why our children are dieing?

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This Stinkin War!
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Topic: WAR
I mean look what the WAR MONGERS are spending

Which was was taken from the site of the National Priorities Project which shows some good info and charts on the shrinking Domestic Budget due to this Neocon Administration.
Money for WAR!
Peace Through War!

Somewhere our Priorities got mixed up!

"How many Civilians have been reported killed...
by US Military intervention in Iraq


shit &*&^$#

What is this lie that we invaded them on doing for them?
We ruined their land and thier lives their familys.

I am Joe Anybody and I am ashamed of AMERICA


Sunday, 23 October 2005
Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover
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good girl gone bad

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Saturday, 22 October 2005
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Now Playing: Tommy Chongs Life Stolen From Him Due To Stupid Pot Laws
Topic: Civil Rights
Tommy Chong In-Prison Interview
Click Here to watch ("Real-Player") Video
He talks about the Drug War and his awareness of his peaceful outlook from inside the walls of an unjust system. All he did was sell some glass pipes and he gets 9 months prison time....?

Well now he has been out for a while.
Here in the Zebra 3 Report is the link to hear Tommy Chongs talk about being Drug Free, stories of crossing the border and how John Ashcroft was out to get him. Nice to hear his voice and him rap about how rediculous the laws, lies and the Governments greedy sick hypocritical ways of treating nice people.
Listen to his Out of-Prison Interview on NPR now that he is a FREE man as he rightly deserves to be. Imagine being jailed for selling pipes
.... --> Click Here

With all the up to date --> CURRENT INFORMATION <-- that is available these days, it is a damn rotten shame we punish people for indulging in this beautiful plant.

Not every Joe Anybody has to smoke marijuana but certainly its not asking too much to let those who need to or want to indulge,be granted the freedom and respect to be left alone.

iT iS DaMn* wrong to jail innocent users! I am appalled! SHAME! ...I ask you are we not a civilized free nation "with the right to pursue happiness" here in this *UNITED* states? What gives them the right to steal a mans life?

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Force fed Prisoners and Weapons Inspector Speaks Out
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Doctors and Physician's and Riot Teams all are involved in useing forced medical tactics to try to keep the 100 HUNGER STRIKERS alive
Now what is happening is that there is such a pathetic state of human life abuse going on at this USA run Prison. The hunger strikers are not eating because they are protesting the conditions and their treatment in prison. The fact that they are being held for years with no charges,
and all the abuses they are subject to see my link here just for an example.

The disrespect for the Geneva Conditions by my government is deplorable.

Listen to a Lawyer speak about what how the US Military is using Tubes to force feed the prisoners while they are shackled to the floor. The tubes are bloody and full of vile from the previous prisoner who they just force fed by running these big long tubes up there noses into there stomaches, they are not cleaned from one prisoner to the next. Is this sick or what?
The US Military is worried that the prisoners will be dying there and bringing more (bad)attention to the prison. Can you believe that?. Our policies to do this is so bad and disturbingly preverted that the prisoners are starving themselves to death.....THIS IS SICK AMERICA ~ THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT! WAKE UP! THIS IS WRONG!
...Watch here--> Democracy Now AUDIO CLIP

The lawyer is on first.
And then Scott Rider is after her.

This is an excellent clip by ex - Weapons Inspector in Iraq "Scott Rider" who is speaking about how the USA got into this mess with Iraq, and how the Weapons Inspector were thwarted by not only our own false WMD stories, but also tactics from going back to the ol Bush's dads days in office and his attitude to starve the country with "sanctions". (this sanctions issue will be exposd more in the upcoming Zebra 3 reports)

We were being sold a phony story by our Government, and this ex-weapon inspector tells how our own Administration used sneaky back door ways to manipulate the Iraqis *and the American People. Its interesting to listen to this US inspector who has firsthand interesting comments about this mess and the lies we were told.
He also mentions the NeoCons and their 2002 policy installed by Bush and Co to have that "Neocon inspired objective" that being... the USA becomes the ones to "Achieve Global World Dominance"

My my my readers this is a nasty world that is a result of this administration reckless sneaky abuse!

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Friday, 21 October 2005
Blogger - Cheaney - Torture - Scars - Toms Mug
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WASHINGTON--Politicians indicated on 10-19-05 that a proposed law offering journalists special privileges might not be extended to Web loggers.
"The relative anonymity afforded to bloggers, coupled with a lack of accountability, as they are not your typical brick-and-mortar reporters who answer to an editor or publisher, also has the risk of creating a certain irresponsibility when it comes to accurately reporting information," Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican,

(figures a Republican would want to suppress protections)

Sparked by today's Washington Post story that suggests Vice President Cheney's office is involved in the Plame-CIA spy link investigation, government officials and advisers passed around rumors that the vice president might step aside and that President Bush would elevate Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

(oh! my goodness! Is this piece of shit-house of cards and deception falling apart at the seams? This snowball of corruption exposure is going to be fun to watch)


In a stunning vote to restore the rule of law to stop the government from using torture and abuse, the Senate voted 90-9 for an amendment by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to ban the use of torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment. The McCain amendment must now pass the House of Representatives, and the Bush Administration is promising to fight it every step of the way. Your action is needed to make sure the McCain amendment becomes law. Write to your member of Congress and urge that the House of Representatives insist that the McCain amendment should stay in the Defense Department appropriations bill.

(Now Listen up! and Wake up! Sleeping America! Fill out the ACLU form to Congress that I have conveniently provide. Be a Real American! Did you get that? "The Bush Administration is promising to fight it??? are they sick??? or what?) STOP TORTURE!

An FBI doctor testified Monday that he found no significant scars on the back of a U.S. citizen who claims that Saudi police whipped and tortured him into falsely confessing he joined al-Qaida and plotted to assassinate President Bush.
Richard Schwartz, a doctor contracted by the FBI, testified at a pretrial hearing that he examined Abu Ali in February, when he was brought to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia to face charges.
Schwartz said he saw three or four lines of "increased pigmentation" on Abu Ali's upper back when he conducted his physical exam.
The marks "appeared somewhat inconsequential," Schwartz said, and he did not include them in his written report. But he acknowledged on cross-examination that they could have been caused by a flogging.

(see this whole statement needs to be understood fully and the various options and all the facts considered, I am willing to eat my hemp hat on the fact that, those are real flogging scars.
I actually believe it based on our shitty way we value and respect human lives in prisons abroad and are whole torture policy under Bush and Company. You see I read the following --> HERE
"Abu Ali said he was tortured the day after he was arrested in Medina, Saudi Arabia, where he was attending college. When he was first taken into custody, he said, he told the Saudis he wanted to speak to the U.S. Embassy.
"I wasn't really cooperative at first. I said I would like to call the U.S. Embassy. I was denied that," Abu Ali testified, angrily smacking his hand on the podium. He said that the Saudis told him, "The embassy is not going to help you; you have to help yourself."
He said he refused to cooperate during four or five initial interview sessions, but relented after the whipping, in which he said he was struck an unknown number of times by an object he could not see because he was blindfolded and handcuffed to the floor. "I told them that I would cooperate and everything stopped," Abu Ali said. "I felt defeated, humiliated."

Readers...., I read that and feel like crap ... I think somebody ought to be fired ,,
For the little it matters remember this guy was born in the USA?. ....my my my!...what a mess! huh?)

"The Hammer Got Nailed" is a good way to say it. The smiling 'pose' by Mr T is a smile that reminds many of us to enjoy in this event as much as Tom seems to be ...This climatic photo shoot gots me smiling bigtime!.....and heck I'm just Joe Anybody!


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Monday, 17 October 2005
The Power of an Innocent Baby
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Now Playing: street roots poet hits homerun
Topic: Poolside & Surfing
I don't really know him
I see him about once a week
Selling the Homeless "Street Roots" newspaper.

He gets 75 cents ..the newspaper gets a 25 cents.
A co-worker and I see him on the corner by Safeway, selling the paper in his usual upbeat way.

He is a nice young man, with a friendly attitude and generally a happy mood.
Tattoos all over his face and neck and actually where ever I see skin..., makes me feel kind of leery, but then I see his girlfriend is with him, sitting next to their newborn baby who is sleeping in the deluxe size baby carriage, all which eases the feeling of uncertainty of intermingling with the tattooed anarchy news paper hawker.

The baby is sleeping, all tucked and snuggled away in a warm clean blanket, eyes closed as the sun warms her face. I walk by, stopping to buy the paper, my co-worker and I joke with him that we both want our own copy and why sharing one copy wouldn't be good for him anyway.

As we walk away he says "Hey! I wrote the poem on the bottom of page Four. and it doesn't have anything bad or about death or the devil in it!" we smile and I say "Cool! we will check it out" He says "The poem is about my beautiful daughter" then he grins and looks down at her. hmmmmmm he must of written some devil poems or stuff about Death at some time or another ... he seems sort a like a punk rocker/ anarchy tattooed kinda guy so i guess that kind of comment shouldn't be to off

None the less, here it is in the Zebra 3 Report right from the streets of Portland quoted/copied from
Street Roots Issue Oct 14 2005 the poem titled:

Zaphen Ray
by Jason Mitchell

The birth of a new creation
into this distraught world of devastation
brings some relaxation
to my every day frustration.
Feeling guilty of treason.
Thanks to my daughter
I know have reason,
a family to celebrate
the season of believing
the magic of conceiving
the beautiful gift of life
on which you cannot put a price.
Being needed is very nice.

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Friday, 14 October 2005
USA Guantanamo Bay's Own Prision Chaplin Wrongly Imprisoned
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Now Playing: Guantanamo Chaplin Treatment By US Government
Topic: Torture & Abuse
Well its a Friday on October 14 and the USA is looking to release some detainees to their own country, at least that is what the headlines from Kuwaitifreedom website say.
(OH..By the way prisoners have been held for over 1372 days without due process......Well hell! Are we not a democracy? Don't we support freedom and due process here in the US?) (well this isn't the US - haha your sleeping again America!)

But the story that caught my eye was of the ex Guantanamo Chaplin who was held in prison as a spy and latter released (whoops we are not sorry).
Now why do you suspect, that when the Chaplin would go into were the cells and prisoners were.., the Guards would yell out "Chaplin on the Block"? Ya I know why! I bet you do too!

"I am a soldier, a citizen, and a patriot, says Captain James Yee. But in the eyes of a suspicious, misguided minority who have lost touch with America's national inclusiveness, and above all else I am a Muslim and that makes me a suspect. My experience had taught me how little cultural understanding of Islam most military leaders had," hey! You would think we would have experts in other nations cultures and lifestyles, educate our military leaders before we go to war with these countries? It sure wouldn't hurt.

Yee, who is a graduate of the prestigious US Military Academy at West Point, New York, whose father and two brothers were also soldiers, quit the US military after he was cleared of espionage charges.
Yee said he wanted to help his colleagues understand Islam. Well it looks pretty clear to just about any Joe Anybody "We understand Muslims are terrorist or suspects" this is based from the way we treat them here in the US and overseas...For example, Yee is living proof how we tend to be treating "non-Americans born" people. And he was a serviceman and of religious stature. Damn those warmongering-torturing-freedom wreckers anyway!

This Chaplin has a New Book out titled "For God and Country, Faith and Patriotism under Fire."
I really want to read it...
For Gods sake, Yee, is a Chaplin who wanted the torture to stop, and fair treatment of Islamic prisoners..., there must be some sick people running this prison/torture show when ya cant even respect the Chaplin and then try to "frame" him as a spy.
Heck Joe Anybody sure is starting to appreciate this guy.
And if you are like me, you will want to read more on Yee, so here is his Homepage website that is real informative.., it tells a lot about the injustice this man suffered, how his life that was taken for a few months, and the cost he as accrued in the hands of the Bush Crime Family. click --> HERE

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Thursday, 13 October 2005
A Line of GOP's on the side of the Road
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Now Playing: Got some time to take a long drive?
Topic: Poolside & Surfing
Hey Joe! ......Anybody wanna go for a drive?

Well get your hat on And hold on, its wet And it might get slippery!
Hey there is Tom Delay standing out in the rain ...keep driving! .....

HA! He deserves it!

Here read this while your driving (quote)"Studies have shown this process causes deafening noise, harming the marine environment. It causes fish swim bladders to explode, kills marine larvae, And disrupts the traditional migratory paths of some fish species And marine mammals, such as whales And dolphins. In some places, these disturbances have resulted in reductions in commercial fish catches up to 50 percent, And have caused whales to leave waters where they are habitually found".(end quote)
Wait! It also says "This process involves sending out sonic booms every 10-15 seconds."
Well Geee wizzz! Is this a Republican War Hawk with a new "sea weapon" they are testing?

But --> Noooo! Its George Bush administration's Minerals Management Service is preparing to conduct seismic testing off our coast to find possible offshore oil And gas drilling sites. So this is the first step toward opening such sites to drilling, And the seismic testing itself threatens fish And whale populations. As The Register Guard said in its July 28th editorial,"The intent is clear: to lay the groundwork. or drilling in sensitive coastal zones such as those off the Oregon Coast." I myself think it would be a shame. Because as we sleep the oceans will be screaming. And its so hard to drive And listen, And you know ...and sleeping too! this info found from At least thats what the email I got from OSPRIG.....
hey! there is ol What His Name ...the Frist Dude he is standing out in the rain too,,,, wow! crazy! hey slow down look at him ...Frist's ability to influence HCA stock decisions in the partnership was detailed in separate trust And partnership documents obtained by the AP. But he is not suppose to be affiliated with them or is to ensure lack of not only conflict of interest but appearance of conflict of interest at least" ,,,keep going dont stop I dont wanna talk to him! ..

OK, Here read (while I hold the wheel) THIS funny bit --> "Those documents show Thomas Frist was listed as the "general partner" And "registered agent" of Bowling Avenue Partners. He also was listed as president of the partnership's management company.
HCA is the nation's largest for-profit hospital chain. Thomas Frist is its chairman emeritus".
Wow! He is looking like he should get a ride with Tom! Ha no conflict of interest there! Shit I musta been sleeping when he pulled that one!

Speaking of Tom - How-The-heck-are-ya- Hammer denies any wrongdoing! burp* However, he was obligated to temporarily step aside as majority leader when charged. HA ha oooops caught were ya Tom?
The charges allege that corporate money was funneled to Texas legislative candidates in violation of state law. I knew it I bet he is BUSTED!! AGAIN!
You remember my Bakers Dozen Link I posted on Oct 3 here in the Zerra 3 Report.It was about Toms dirty big dollar tricks, so blatant And obvious, dang he could be a $ manipulating politician and he was caught with unethically money And with no doubt the crooners who support him with their wallets to gain favors in his tricky un-ethically ways.

Darn "lookout!" almost hit that guy who looked like Karl Rove ..didnt seem him lerking in the shadows along the wet roadside ...its so dark now And he is so shady you hardly can see him.., matter of fact when the other day that FAKE terrorist ALERT about in the NY SUBWAYS was being broad casted ...KArl (shady)ROve was in the news about one of his recent indictments. But we hardly got to enjoy that because but ..hey if we are not sleeping or working ..there probably is a terror alert (FAKE) You know to keep us under the thumb And preoccupiedly scared and in FEAR. Who can catch the news about Georges best friend K being INDICTED when we are so busy with FAKE reports on TERROR...

Shit the poor Republican Party more n more starting to look like a wet soggy bunch of Jail Birds!
Did they say orange or yellow alert day?
(panic - Fear)
Oh? ha they don't use that ol trick since before the election.., I had forgot .., worked for a while huh? Dang are we there yet this is getting long. That scared me seeing that last politician ...the "shady one"

YA know I bet he has to "Hit The Road Jack" I mean such a spindoctor basically means he is a LIAR. Thats not what I want in the White House.

Speaking of spin look at this Staged Teleconference Media Event...ha - whoa!!!!! get the press get the cameras read your line ...Practice Practice Practice..this is Presidential Bullshit so get it down we gotta make this WAR look good.

Do my taxes pay for this spin?

I mean listen to this quote --> "The soldiers all gave Bush an upbeat view of the situation. The president also got praise from the Iraqi soldier who was part of the chat." "Thank you very much for everything," he gushed. "I like you."

And all the while People dying for phony reasons ...well that is just what I heard Saddam is saying his death penalty is all about (cant blame him I would claim the same) read THIS about how, his attorney is saying the Bush Company doesn't have a good enough charge to pin on him. wow what next?... Damn Do I see Saddam on the side off the road hitchhiking as a free man in the near future?

"He had full immunity under the prevailing Iraqi
constitution and you cannot have a retroactive legislation that removes that immunity," Alani said in an interview with the BBC's "Newsnight" program late on Thursday.
and also...
The BBC said "Saddam's defense team has just received an 800-page bundle outlining the prosecution case. The report said many of the pages they have been sent are unreadable and they still have no charge details". Who compiled that report? Bozo the clown or maybe a bunch of Neocons? With their National Security Secret Ways> shit unreadable ..do you believe that?

Man what a drive....no wonder the The Bush administration pressed for the Supreme Court lawsuits claiming retaliation on Wednesday for a ruling that would make it harder for government whistleblowers to win . OH really ...God America, do we want that? Our rights slip if we just slightly sleep at the wheel....
I get tired of these Phony 1/2 assed truths!

I did think it was rather odd seeing so many GOP's lined up on the side of the road in the cold wet rain as we drove. Hey! Every man for him self like they say in that Grand Ol Party Way. Thanks for riding along.., read up ..Stay awake! and remember if "you" dont fight for truth and justice "who" will?

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Wednesday, 12 October 2005
Cops & Corps & Serving Justice
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Now Playing: Law and Order
Topic: Civil Rights

The year is 2005 and a Flood has overrun the town. Looting is everywhere and survival is your main concern.....so what do ya do --> get your self a new ride

Speaking of the Police did you see this LINK and how the Police beat-up a 64 year man by the name of Robert Davis for no reason other than he told one of the officers that he was "rude" for interrupting his conversation with some other police he was talking with. Next thing he knows the one cop who interrupted started slugging him in the head then 2 more jump in to dish out an old fashioned "beating by the man"Latter they claimed he was drunk...He hasn't had a drink in 25 years....nice one Brute's

Notice how the cop roughly shoves the AP reporter up against a vehicle....no wonder they get called "pigs"
--> HERE <-- is a link on this innocent man getting beat in New Orleans by the Police and
--> HERE <-- is another version that includes a short clip from the BBC.
The new chief says it was unnecessary use of force, Dont make me laugh! Did he figure that out all by his self?

Hey regarding the investigation into the causes of concrete floodwall breaches that swamped large portions of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina at NOLA.com some reports by Corps critics already are questioning whether the Corps – with its reputation and billions of dollars in financing on the line – has a conflict of interest in investigating itself.? Gee maybe we can get FEMA to investigate or The Republican party....we can trust them...
hmmmm who can we blame?

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FEMA re-bids after a Whistleblower says "Shame"
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Well now first I must mention that on 8.29.05 a whistle blowers law suit is in the mix by Bunny Greenhouse. The officer who served as the top procurement official for the army corps of engineers, who has now been fired from her top job by the Pentagon and demoted from her hard-earned position in the elite senior executive service of the federal government. What did she do to merit this?

well... Bunny crossed Halliburton

All she did was ask why Halliburton was getting longterm no-bid contracts, and why it was getting waivers from on high for overcharging the government on fuel contracts.

In Congressional testimony, she called Halliburton's $7 billion oil-repair contract "the most blatant and improper contract abuse I have ever witnessed during the course of my [20 year] professional career." She added that "every aspect" of the deal had been controlled by Donnie Rumsfeld's office.

*Zipadeedo Da Zipadee-a Controlled by Donnie Rumsfield --all the way* .., sounds like that sad song that is sung to the sleeping. Pretty painless when one is asleep to care about anything.

So then I read in a blog from New Orleans that I have mentioned as being a favorite web cam site in previous posts. Well he says to go to this --> website to read about how... (quote) "Last week, U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La, introduced the Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita Fairness in Contracting Act of 2005. The legislation would require open competition for contracts and emphasize the use of Louisiana businesses".(end quote)
Well how surprising!

One of those big bidders was The Shaw Group (Hey deep sleepers Remember Shaw Co from my post titled FEMA Quinn and a Blackhawk National Guard Hero CLICK HERE IN CASE YOU FORGOT Well there were three other companies besides Shaw that received $100 million no-bid FEMA contracts to build emergency housing.

So now Acting FEMA Director David Paulison followed up on a pledge he made to the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee last week. He said hundreds of millions of dollars already handed out with little or no competition would be rebid. Now we seem to be making progress....he goes on to say in addition to rebidding the major contracts, a FEMA plan to competitively award recovery contracts to small disadvantaged businesses and to consider the geographic location of prime contractors and subcontractors to ensure a preference for local hires

......oh wait isn't Shaw Co local?(heheh)

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Sunday, 9 October 2005
Why Are Republicans on the Top 10 List ?
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This list is made of all Republicans, they make up the Top 10 Favorite Oil Industries Politicians:

As I paste from the Greenpeace
website that said "Meanwhile, members of Congress and the oil industry are using the Katrina catastrophe as an excuse to expand offshore drilling. Last week, more than 100 companies sent a letter to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and other Republican leaders, asking Congress to open up coastal areas in other parts of the country for offshore oil and gas exploration.

The oil industry has clearly demonstrated that it cannot safely operate offshore drilling operations, and the last thing Congress should be considering is exposing the rest of the nation to these risks.

If any lesson is to be learned from hurricane Katrina, it is that the nation must move to renewable sources of energy, which will cut down on global warming and reduce dependence on unstable and dangerous forms of energy like oil and gas. “It is outrageous and unacceptable that elected officials on both sides of the aisle appear willing to do whatever it takes to help their buddies, even if it means allowing them to profit off the backs of homeless hurricane victims,” said John Passacantando, Executive Director of Greenpeace

Instead of investing in these Oil Barron's, Our elected officials who are truly concerned about this issue will take the necessary steps to invest in renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. These sources are safe, affordable, and long overdue
click HERE to send your Congressman a letter urging them to use the right type of rebuilding solutions and to quit feeding the profit ridden Oil Giants "more money" by allowing them to promote and perpetuate more dependency and not take responsible alternative answerers to real issues that need real honest attention. Sorry, this cant just be another Oil Handout.

Click -->HERE for a Greenpeace look at the hurricane damage to the oil platforms. And they want to drill some more!
Are we sleeping America?

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Topic: Poolside & Surfing
In this very short clip he shows us he is looking into the secret doings of Bohemian Grove ...very odd stuff if you ask me

....and besides why are so many worldly T0P Officials and corporation CEO's going to these Bilderberg meetings? And why does it have to be so secret cause it just seems really damn strange huh? ....hmmmmmmmm? If they are getting together we Joe Anybody citizens have a right to know what is up with these networking cultist?

There are some people who don't like this type of crap! And they are trying to do something about this secret bullshit behind locked gates and for example "You can't shit on us anymore" is what Alex Jones says as he goes inside the gates of the Grove, see the 2 part series below.

Watch this cool clip of the infiltration into the secret Bilderberg Groups Meeting at Bohemian Grove PART 1 VIDEO CLIP
then here is PART 2 VIDEO CLIP just wish it shown more of the actual going-ons inside their meetings etc. The videos are not long enough.

A great long list of the "Alex Jones Reports" are found right --> HERE = You got to check em out!

This link -->HERE is about those Bilderberg's. It is a radio program narrated by Alex Jones and just one of the few that exposes this charade.

This ritual of the Owl Burning and hooded cloaks by attendee's's's and a mock sacrifice of a young child....I mean I have heard of dinner theater but what is this shit?
Most people don't even know about this little cult-get-together. I am starting to worry about these weird-os heck these are major leaders for peanuts sake!

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John McCain's anti-torture amendment passed by a remarkable 90-9 vote
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Numerous Facts Provided & Copied from "Human Rights First"

Great News... last night's Senate decision, after a fierce and drawn-out battle, to pass Sen. John McCain's anti-torture amendment. His amendment passed by a remarkable 90-9 vote. :-)

Boldly challenging the White House, the Senate sent a clear message that there is a torture problem, it must be fixed, and the time is now. Torture will not be tolerated.

(Damn do you think we should??) what a bunch of ignorant swindlers...hell no there shouldn't be torture !! Ge Wizz are they retarded? I a dumbfounded that we need to go through this process and have to force the White House to act ethnically. This ignorant process to define morally and what is right and wrong concerning Torture and abuse should be basic ethics type of policy and not need this discovery process so far into the 21st Century The US having to need to be define our standing policy or be so confused we don't know "what is right anymore?" I blame this all on the Bush Crime Family and the Neocon cronies that orchestrated this mess.

What an embarrassment we are to the rest of the world. Freedom my ass! We are a cruel torturous country that has prisons outside its borders in order to violate USA Laws(sic) and we capture citizens of all ages and hold with out trials or charges for indefinitely. Makes you the reader to be represented by our Federal Government and their behavior to do this, I don't know about you , but I can't stand to be represented like this.I am ashamed.

Only nine Senators (Boooo!) withheld their support: Allard (R-CO), Bond (R-MO), Coburn (R-OK), Cochran (R-MS), Cornyn (R-TX), Inhofe (R-OK), Roberts (R-KS), Sessions (R-AL), and Stevens (R-AK). Sen. Bill Frist,(What-A-JERK!-First) who had been blocking this amendment, amazingly voted for the provision. Do you see a certain Party Trend here ...Oh! They all are Republicans..wow!? Birds of a feather flock together...

In addition to the letter from 28 retired senior military leaders informally coordinated by Human Rights First to support Senator McCain, former Secretary of State Colin Powell also endorsed the amendment yesterday. He wrote in a letter to Sen. McCain: "The world will note that America is making a clear statement with respect to the expected future behavior of our soldiers. Such a reaction will help deal with the terrible public diplomacy crisis created by Abu Ghraib."
Well Golllllllyyyyy I sure hope so!

Senator McCain's amendment, which sets a clear standard for U.S. interrogations of detainees and prohibits torture, goes a long way to ensure that the atrocities committed by U.S. troops at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere will never be repeated.

But we have major obstacles ahead. We still face fierce opposition from the White House, which threatened just yesterday to veto the amendment. Also, the legislation now moves to a House-Senate Conference Committee, where it will face strong opposition.
Good God this is stupid but it is so fricken true ....!


This site from Human Rights First which has a list and the letter that a bunch of Military leaders signed about torture and common sense. Whoaa!
http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/us_law/etn/pdf/mccain-100305.pdfit is a nice that some are not sleeping here in America.
But will their voices be heard? ........Huh?

Joe Anybody here saying

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Saturday, 8 October 2005
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What Do You Call It?

1. What do you call it when a group of people take the law into their own hands and kill people without a fair trial?
~ A lynching
What do you call it when the United States takes the law into its own hands and kills people without a fair trial?
~ Operation Enduring Freedom

2. What do you call someone who explodes a bomb and kills innocent people?
~ A terrorist
What do you call someone who drops a bomb from a plane and kills innocent people?
~ A brave American pilot

3. What do you call a weapon that can kill thousands of people?
~ A weapon of mass destruction.
What do you call a weapon that has killed 1.5 million, including more than 500,000 children?
~ Sanctions

4. What do you call an attack on the Pentagon, a command and control center in the United States?
~ A cowardly attack
What do you call the destruction of an Afghan village by U.S. bombs?
~ An attack on a Taliban command and control center

5. What do you call it when about 3,000 people were killed in the September 11th attack?
~ An atrocity
What do you call it when about 5 million people were killed in the Vietnam war?
~ A mistake

6. What do you call someone who stands up in front of a crowd and tells stories?
~ An entertainer
What do you call someone who stands up in front of a crowd at the Pentagon and tells stories?
~ Donald Rumsfeld

*My apologies for not giving someone credit there was no names to give credit to when I seen this on the web it was being passed in a nameless fourm.

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