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Saturday, 1 October 2005
Smoke & Mirrors Aircraft Engines and Nuclear Reactors with Media Spin through NBC, CNBC
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Now Playing: Privacy Cheif Steps Down ~ to a Job with General Electric ~ The financial Backer of WorldCom
Well here is the headline of a CNET web page on Saturday morning (quote)"The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's first privacy chief stepped down on Friday amid praise from civil-liberties groups--and regret that Congress didn't prescribe more power to her position.
Nuala O'Connor Kelly, appointed by then-Secretary Tom Ridge in April 2003, plans to start as General Electric's Washington-based chief privacy leader and senior counsel in early to mid-October." (end quote)

Her replacement will be Maureen Cooney, who is currently the Privacy Office's chief of staff and senior adviser for international privacy policy.
This position was created because the Bush administration was getting a lot of complaints about its CAPPS II and Total Information Awareness program Now both these two departments are awash in collecting information and sharing with ??? We exactly don?t know. This secret data mining is being done to Protect America from Terrorists, but I see it as more of an intrusion into our personal lives. These protections were not really needed to make the airlines safer. There were "All Kinds Of Warnings! about planes hitting buildings that the government had about this, it was their neglect that caused these tragedies to happen.
By tracking info on you and me or looking under our daughters shirts is not going to make us safer.

This privacy issue is a JOKE and an admonishment of our civil liberty. Heck any Terrorist with fake ID can get past all this horse shit. This privacy issue really is more of feel good position to bullshit the general public. The created position lacks any power or teeth to do much but other than perpetuate the "I your president, care about your privacy so I will make a position to watch over these issue" when it really is all Smoke n Mirrors by Bush n Company Spin Doctors

Notice who she went to go work for from her Privacy Position, a big
Media Owner who is also a happens to be war profiteer among many other things.
The GE's Reigning CEO Jack Welch had enormous influence and was consistently ranked CEO of the Year by the slavish business press; he was major Republican donor as well. That hasn't kept General Electric from being involved in countless scandals and examples like when GE was fined $100 million for trying to get bankrupt creditors to pay without informing the bankruptcy courts, in effect paying debts that they no longer legally owed.

Seems to be some more of the good old Governmental' "one hand washes the other job transfer." My privacy concerns feels all the more secured now, Thanks Homeland Security!
Read more of this GE Corporate pickle here

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Spinning spinning we all fall down........

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Updated: Sunday, 9 October 2005 3:24 PM PDT

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