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Thursday, 13 October 2005
A Line of GOP's on the side of the Road
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Hey Joe! ......Anybody wanna go for a drive?

Well get your hat on And hold on, its wet And it might get slippery!
Hey there is Tom Delay standing out in the rain ...keep driving! .....

HA! He deserves it!

Here read this while your driving (quote)"Studies have shown this process causes deafening noise, harming the marine environment. It causes fish swim bladders to explode, kills marine larvae, And disrupts the traditional migratory paths of some fish species And marine mammals, such as whales And dolphins. In some places, these disturbances have resulted in reductions in commercial fish catches up to 50 percent, And have caused whales to leave waters where they are habitually found".(end quote)
Wait! It also says "This process involves sending out sonic booms every 10-15 seconds."
Well Geee wizzz! Is this a Republican War Hawk with a new "sea weapon" they are testing?

But --> Noooo! Its George Bush administration's Minerals Management Service is preparing to conduct seismic testing off our coast to find possible offshore oil And gas drilling sites. So this is the first step toward opening such sites to drilling, And the seismic testing itself threatens fish And whale populations. As The Register Guard said in its July 28th editorial,"The intent is clear: to lay the groundwork. or drilling in sensitive coastal zones such as those off the Oregon Coast." I myself think it would be a shame. Because as we sleep the oceans will be screaming. And its so hard to drive And listen, And you know ...and sleeping too! this info found from At least thats what the email I got from OSPRIG.....
hey! there is ol What His Name ...the Frist Dude he is standing out in the rain too,,,, wow! crazy! hey slow down look at him ...Frist's ability to influence HCA stock decisions in the partnership was detailed in separate trust And partnership documents obtained by the AP. But he is not suppose to be affiliated with them or is to ensure lack of not only conflict of interest but appearance of conflict of interest at least" ,,,keep going dont stop I dont wanna talk to him! ..

OK, Here read (while I hold the wheel) THIS funny bit --> "Those documents show Thomas Frist was listed as the "general partner" And "registered agent" of Bowling Avenue Partners. He also was listed as president of the partnership's management company.
HCA is the nation's largest for-profit hospital chain. Thomas Frist is its chairman emeritus".
Wow! He is looking like he should get a ride with Tom! Ha no conflict of interest there! Shit I musta been sleeping when he pulled that one!

Speaking of Tom - How-The-heck-are-ya- Hammer denies any wrongdoing! burp* However, he was obligated to temporarily step aside as majority leader when charged. HA ha oooops caught were ya Tom?
The charges allege that corporate money was funneled to Texas legislative candidates in violation of state law. I knew it I bet he is BUSTED!! AGAIN!
You remember my Bakers Dozen Link I posted on Oct 3 here in the Zerra 3 Report.It was about Toms dirty big dollar tricks, so blatant And obvious, dang he could be a $ manipulating politician and he was caught with unethically money And with no doubt the crooners who support him with their wallets to gain favors in his tricky un-ethically ways.

Darn "lookout!" almost hit that guy who looked like Karl Rove ..didnt seem him lerking in the shadows along the wet roadside ...its so dark now And he is so shady you hardly can see him.., matter of fact when the other day that FAKE terrorist ALERT about in the NY SUBWAYS was being broad casted ...KArl (shady)ROve was in the news about one of his recent indictments. But we hardly got to enjoy that because but ..hey if we are not sleeping or working ..there probably is a terror alert (FAKE) You know to keep us under the thumb And preoccupiedly scared and in FEAR. Who can catch the news about Georges best friend K being INDICTED when we are so busy with FAKE reports on TERROR...

Shit the poor Republican Party more n more starting to look like a wet soggy bunch of Jail Birds!
Did they say orange or yellow alert day?
(panic - Fear)
Oh? ha they don't use that ol trick since before the election.., I had forgot .., worked for a while huh? Dang are we there yet this is getting long. That scared me seeing that last politician ...the "shady one"

YA know I bet he has to "Hit The Road Jack" I mean such a spindoctor basically means he is a LIAR. Thats not what I want in the White House.

Speaking of spin look at this Staged Teleconference Media Event...ha - whoa!!!!! get the press get the cameras read your line ...Practice Practice Practice..this is Presidential Bullshit so get it down we gotta make this WAR look good.

Do my taxes pay for this spin?

I mean listen to this quote --> "The soldiers all gave Bush an upbeat view of the situation. The president also got praise from the Iraqi soldier who was part of the chat." "Thank you very much for everything," he gushed. "I like you."

And all the while People dying for phony reasons ...well that is just what I heard Saddam is saying his death penalty is all about (cant blame him I would claim the same) read THIS about how, his attorney is saying the Bush Company doesn't have a good enough charge to pin on him. wow what next?... Damn Do I see Saddam on the side off the road hitchhiking as a free man in the near future?

"He had full immunity under the prevailing Iraqi
constitution and you cannot have a retroactive legislation that removes that immunity," Alani said in an interview with the BBC's "Newsnight" program late on Thursday.
and also...
The BBC said "Saddam's defense team has just received an 800-page bundle outlining the prosecution case. The report said many of the pages they have been sent are unreadable and they still have no charge details". Who compiled that report? Bozo the clown or maybe a bunch of Neocons? With their National Security Secret Ways> shit unreadable ..do you believe that?

Man what a drive....no wonder the The Bush administration pressed for the Supreme Court lawsuits claiming retaliation on Wednesday for a ruling that would make it harder for government whistleblowers to win . OH really ...God America, do we want that? Our rights slip if we just slightly sleep at the wheel....
I get tired of these Phony 1/2 assed truths!

I did think it was rather odd seeing so many GOP's lined up on the side of the road in the cold wet rain as we drove. Hey! Every man for him self like they say in that Grand Ol Party Way. Thanks for riding along.., read up ..Stay awake! and remember if "you" dont fight for truth and justice "who" will?

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Wednesday, 12 October 2005
Cops & Corps & Serving Justice
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The year is 2005 and a Flood has overrun the town. Looting is everywhere and survival is your main concern.....so what do ya do --> get your self a new ride

Speaking of the Police did you see this LINK and how the Police beat-up a 64 year man by the name of Robert Davis for no reason other than he told one of the officers that he was "rude" for interrupting his conversation with some other police he was talking with. Next thing he knows the one cop who interrupted started slugging him in the head then 2 more jump in to dish out an old fashioned "beating by the man"Latter they claimed he was drunk...He hasn't had a drink in 25 years....nice one Brute's

Notice how the cop roughly shoves the AP reporter up against a vehicle....no wonder they get called "pigs"
--> HERE <-- is a link on this innocent man getting beat in New Orleans by the Police and
--> HERE <-- is another version that includes a short clip from the BBC.
The new chief says it was unnecessary use of force, Dont make me laugh! Did he figure that out all by his self?

Hey regarding the investigation into the causes of concrete floodwall breaches that swamped large portions of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina at NOLA.com some reports by Corps critics already are questioning whether the Corps – with its reputation and billions of dollars in financing on the line – has a conflict of interest in investigating itself.? Gee maybe we can get FEMA to investigate or The Republican party....we can trust them...
hmmmm who can we blame?

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FEMA re-bids after a Whistleblower says "Shame"
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Well now first I must mention that on 8.29.05 a whistle blowers law suit is in the mix by Bunny Greenhouse. The officer who served as the top procurement official for the army corps of engineers, who has now been fired from her top job by the Pentagon and demoted from her hard-earned position in the elite senior executive service of the federal government. What did she do to merit this?

well... Bunny crossed Halliburton

All she did was ask why Halliburton was getting longterm no-bid contracts, and why it was getting waivers from on high for overcharging the government on fuel contracts.

In Congressional testimony, she called Halliburton's $7 billion oil-repair contract "the most blatant and improper contract abuse I have ever witnessed during the course of my [20 year] professional career." She added that "every aspect" of the deal had been controlled by Donnie Rumsfeld's office.

*Zipadeedo Da Zipadee-a Controlled by Donnie Rumsfield --all the way* .., sounds like that sad song that is sung to the sleeping. Pretty painless when one is asleep to care about anything.

So then I read in a blog from New Orleans that I have mentioned as being a favorite web cam site in previous posts. Well he says to go to this --> website to read about how... (quote) "Last week, U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La, introduced the Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita Fairness in Contracting Act of 2005. The legislation would require open competition for contracts and emphasize the use of Louisiana businesses".(end quote)
Well how surprising!

One of those big bidders was The Shaw Group (Hey deep sleepers Remember Shaw Co from my post titled FEMA Quinn and a Blackhawk National Guard Hero CLICK HERE IN CASE YOU FORGOT Well there were three other companies besides Shaw that received $100 million no-bid FEMA contracts to build emergency housing.

So now Acting FEMA Director David Paulison followed up on a pledge he made to the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee last week. He said hundreds of millions of dollars already handed out with little or no competition would be rebid. Now we seem to be making progress....he goes on to say in addition to rebidding the major contracts, a FEMA plan to competitively award recovery contracts to small disadvantaged businesses and to consider the geographic location of prime contractors and subcontractors to ensure a preference for local hires

......oh wait isn't Shaw Co local?(heheh)

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Sunday, 9 October 2005
Why Are Republicans on the Top 10 List ?
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This list is made of all Republicans, they make up the Top 10 Favorite Oil Industries Politicians:

As I paste from the Greenpeace
website that said "Meanwhile, members of Congress and the oil industry are using the Katrina catastrophe as an excuse to expand offshore drilling. Last week, more than 100 companies sent a letter to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and other Republican leaders, asking Congress to open up coastal areas in other parts of the country for offshore oil and gas exploration.

The oil industry has clearly demonstrated that it cannot safely operate offshore drilling operations, and the last thing Congress should be considering is exposing the rest of the nation to these risks.

If any lesson is to be learned from hurricane Katrina, it is that the nation must move to renewable sources of energy, which will cut down on global warming and reduce dependence on unstable and dangerous forms of energy like oil and gas. “It is outrageous and unacceptable that elected officials on both sides of the aisle appear willing to do whatever it takes to help their buddies, even if it means allowing them to profit off the backs of homeless hurricane victims,” said John Passacantando, Executive Director of Greenpeace

Instead of investing in these Oil Barron's, Our elected officials who are truly concerned about this issue will take the necessary steps to invest in renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. These sources are safe, affordable, and long overdue
click HERE to send your Congressman a letter urging them to use the right type of rebuilding solutions and to quit feeding the profit ridden Oil Giants "more money" by allowing them to promote and perpetuate more dependency and not take responsible alternative answerers to real issues that need real honest attention. Sorry, this cant just be another Oil Handout.

Click -->HERE for a Greenpeace look at the hurricane damage to the oil platforms. And they want to drill some more!
Are we sleeping America?

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In this very short clip he shows us he is looking into the secret doings of Bohemian Grove ...very odd stuff if you ask me

....and besides why are so many worldly T0P Officials and corporation CEO's going to these Bilderberg meetings? And why does it have to be so secret cause it just seems really damn strange huh? ....hmmmmmmmm? If they are getting together we Joe Anybody citizens have a right to know what is up with these networking cultist?

There are some people who don't like this type of crap! And they are trying to do something about this secret bullshit behind locked gates and for example "You can't shit on us anymore" is what Alex Jones says as he goes inside the gates of the Grove, see the 2 part series below.

Watch this cool clip of the infiltration into the secret Bilderberg Groups Meeting at Bohemian Grove PART 1 VIDEO CLIP
then here is PART 2 VIDEO CLIP just wish it shown more of the actual going-ons inside their meetings etc. The videos are not long enough.

A great long list of the "Alex Jones Reports" are found right --> HERE = You got to check em out!

This link -->HERE is about those Bilderberg's. It is a radio program narrated by Alex Jones and just one of the few that exposes this charade.

This ritual of the Owl Burning and hooded cloaks by attendee's's's and a mock sacrifice of a young child....I mean I have heard of dinner theater but what is this shit?
Most people don't even know about this little cult-get-together. I am starting to worry about these weird-os heck these are major leaders for peanuts sake!

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John McCain's anti-torture amendment passed by a remarkable 90-9 vote
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Numerous Facts Provided & Copied from "Human Rights First"

Great News... last night's Senate decision, after a fierce and drawn-out battle, to pass Sen. John McCain's anti-torture amendment. His amendment passed by a remarkable 90-9 vote. :-)

Boldly challenging the White House, the Senate sent a clear message that there is a torture problem, it must be fixed, and the time is now. Torture will not be tolerated.

(Damn do you think we should??) what a bunch of ignorant swindlers...hell no there shouldn't be torture !! Ge Wizz are they retarded? I a dumbfounded that we need to go through this process and have to force the White House to act ethnically. This ignorant process to define morally and what is right and wrong concerning Torture and abuse should be basic ethics type of policy and not need this discovery process so far into the 21st Century The US having to need to be define our standing policy or be so confused we don't know "what is right anymore?" I blame this all on the Bush Crime Family and the Neocon cronies that orchestrated this mess.

What an embarrassment we are to the rest of the world. Freedom my ass! We are a cruel torturous country that has prisons outside its borders in order to violate USA Laws(sic) and we capture citizens of all ages and hold with out trials or charges for indefinitely. Makes you the reader to be represented by our Federal Government and their behavior to do this, I don't know about you , but I can't stand to be represented like this.I am ashamed.

Only nine Senators (Boooo!) withheld their support: Allard (R-CO), Bond (R-MO), Coburn (R-OK), Cochran (R-MS), Cornyn (R-TX), Inhofe (R-OK), Roberts (R-KS), Sessions (R-AL), and Stevens (R-AK). Sen. Bill Frist,(What-A-JERK!-First) who had been blocking this amendment, amazingly voted for the provision. Do you see a certain Party Trend here ...Oh! They all are Republicans..wow!? Birds of a feather flock together...

In addition to the letter from 28 retired senior military leaders informally coordinated by Human Rights First to support Senator McCain, former Secretary of State Colin Powell also endorsed the amendment yesterday. He wrote in a letter to Sen. McCain: "The world will note that America is making a clear statement with respect to the expected future behavior of our soldiers. Such a reaction will help deal with the terrible public diplomacy crisis created by Abu Ghraib."
Well Golllllllyyyyy I sure hope so!

Senator McCain's amendment, which sets a clear standard for U.S. interrogations of detainees and prohibits torture, goes a long way to ensure that the atrocities committed by U.S. troops at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere will never be repeated.

But we have major obstacles ahead. We still face fierce opposition from the White House, which threatened just yesterday to veto the amendment. Also, the legislation now moves to a House-Senate Conference Committee, where it will face strong opposition.
Good God this is stupid but it is so fricken true ....!


This site from Human Rights First which has a list and the letter that a bunch of Military leaders signed about torture and common sense. Whoaa!
http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/us_law/etn/pdf/mccain-100305.pdfit is a nice that some are not sleeping here in America.
But will their voices be heard? ........Huh?

Joe Anybody here saying

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Saturday, 8 October 2005
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What Do You Call It?

1. What do you call it when a group of people take the law into their own hands and kill people without a fair trial?
~ A lynching
What do you call it when the United States takes the law into its own hands and kills people without a fair trial?
~ Operation Enduring Freedom

2. What do you call someone who explodes a bomb and kills innocent people?
~ A terrorist
What do you call someone who drops a bomb from a plane and kills innocent people?
~ A brave American pilot

3. What do you call a weapon that can kill thousands of people?
~ A weapon of mass destruction.
What do you call a weapon that has killed 1.5 million, including more than 500,000 children?
~ Sanctions

4. What do you call an attack on the Pentagon, a command and control center in the United States?
~ A cowardly attack
What do you call the destruction of an Afghan village by U.S. bombs?
~ An attack on a Taliban command and control center

5. What do you call it when about 3,000 people were killed in the September 11th attack?
~ An atrocity
What do you call it when about 5 million people were killed in the Vietnam war?
~ A mistake

6. What do you call someone who stands up in front of a crowd and tells stories?
~ An entertainer
What do you call someone who stands up in front of a crowd at the Pentagon and tells stories?
~ Donald Rumsfeld

*My apologies for not giving someone credit there was no names to give credit to when I seen this on the web it was being passed in a nameless fourm.

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Fingerprints taken to enter Disney World
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Topic: Civil Rights
Giving up your fingerprints to enter Disney World?
Come on is this part of the Bush Plan to stop Terrorism?
First this practice fails the proportionality test.
Proportionality answers the question--is the amount and type of information being collected equal the level of security being sought?

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Timothy E. Flanigan Withdraws From Deputy Attorney General
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Contact: Media@dcaclu.org
WASHINGTON -Timothy E. Flanigan, the controversial nominee to be deputy attorney general, withdrew his name from consideration today, just days after the Senate adopted the McCain anti-torture amendment to the Defense Department spending bill. Flanigan was one of the architects of policies that led to the detainee abuses, and the American Civil Liberties Union said that his decision should not distract Congress from fully investigating those interrogation policies.
The following can be attributed to Christopher E. Anders, an ACLU Legislative Counsel:
"Flanigan was hit from all sides during this confirmation process, about his role in multiple scandals. When pressed, he refused to account for his role in the development of policies that led to the abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. (What a dishonorable scumbag)

Flanigan had no business supervising prosecutors responsible for investigating and prosecuting torture and abuse that his own policies helped facilitate. (yet) These cheating bastards were trying to pull the wool over "Sleeping America " eyes, but the ACLU cought their ass and turned up the HEAT ....hahaha smell the bull shit cooking?

"While Flanigan may fade away from the spotlight, lawmakers must continue to focus on the decisions that led to interrogation policies that abandon the rule of law. Low-ranking individuals like Private Lynndie England have been charged and sentenced, but the higher-ups that crafted these policies have gotten off scot-free. We renew our call on Attorney General Gonzales to appoint an independent, impartial special counsel to investigate the torture and abuses scandal. It is the only way to assure the public that this government is committed to demanding accountability, eliminating abusive interrogation procedures and restoring the rule of law."
new brief update

....I leave you with today this thought:
I copied this comment below from
--> --> http://www.president-bush.com/criminality.html
Rumsfeld and the White House would have us believe that there is no connection between policy documents exploring torture and evasion of the Geneva Convention and the misconduct on the ground in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan — misconduct that has produced at least 30 deaths in detention associated with "extreme" interrogation techniques. But the Nuremberg tradition contradicts such a contention.

At Nuremberg, U.S. prosecutors held German officials accountable for the consequences of their policy decisions without offering proof that these decisions were implemented with the knowledge of the policymakers. The existence of the policies and evidence that the conduct contemplated in them occurred was taken as proof enough.

There is no doubt that individuals like Graner and England should be held to be accountable. But where is justice — and where are the principles the U.S. proudly advanced at Nuremberg — if those in the administration and the military who seem most culpable for the tragedy not only escape punishment but in some cases are slated for promotion?

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Friday, 7 October 2005
White House Wants to Promote ~ To Cover Torture Tracks
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Concerning the nomination of Timothy Flanigan for Deputy Attorney General, a June 21, 2004 Newsweek article quotes Flanigan as he explains the interest of the CIA in obtaining legal advice on permissible interrogation techniques. The same article describes White House meetings chaired by then-White House Counsel Gonzales in which Administration lawyers found acceptable: water-boarding, or dripping water into a wet cloth over a suspects face, which can feel like drowning; and threatening to bring in more-brutal interrogators from other nations.?? Saying if we used these techniques, it would save American lives.

He also says when asked about if using questionable techniques was inhumane. Flanigan responded that inhumane treatment is not susceptible to a succinct definition. He also stated that whether any of these practices would be lawful would depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding its use, and that it would be inappropriate for me to speculate about whether such techniques are lawful or humane.
Get a load of this shit this guy is selling. He is spinning around the legal terms of being inhumane as he runs for the 2nd highest Law Enforcement position in the Country

It seems there reportedly is a withheld second August 2002 memorandum from the Justice Department to the CIA that approves a long list of interrogation techniques that reportedly include practices that go beyond not only prior Justice Department and Defense Department practices, but also prior CIA practices. A June 27, 2004 USA Today article reported that a current Justice official who knows the memos contents said it specifically authorized the CIA to use waterboarding, in which a prisoner is made to believe he is drowning. According to a June 28, 2004 Washington Post article, other approved techniques include refusal of pain medication for injuries, and stress positions, light and noise bombardment, sleep deprivation, and making captives think they are being interrogated by another government.
The first memorandum was withdrawn and replaced by the Justice Department less than a week before the confirmation hearing, but Gonzales defended the faulty legal reasoning in the memorandum.
During the confirmation hearing for Attorney General Gonzales, members of the Judiciary Committee closely questioned Gonzales on the August 1, 2002 Bybee memorandum that narrowly defined torture.

Now this get interesting?..On September 19, 2005, the Justice Department refused the request of Senators Kennedy, Feingold, and Durbin for this memorandum. The Justice Department explained in a letter that [t]here are substantial confidentiality interests associated with any such opinion, which would consist of confidential legal advice for the consideration of senior Administration decision-makers . . . its disclosure outside the Executive Branch would harm the deliberative processes of the Department and the Executive Branch and disrupt attorney-client relationships.?? Meaning they are gonna cover their own asses by some stupid substantial confidentially interest considerations for (burp!) senior Administration blah blah blah..,

Which brings me to Todays spin by Bush and the White House Crime Gang... that with the Senate overwhelming passage of a prisoner treatment policy amendment it was OBJECTED by the White House? ...Well excuse me Boss! But we don't appreciate your twisted-ass-covering torture policies and youre making the world hate us and our Fascist sick attitude that are violating the War Act Policy and Human Rights Violations.

Sen. John McCain (R) of Arizona, who sponsored the amendment that would bar cruel and inhumane treatment of detainees, says this is not what the United States is about. He hits this point straight on. But when he tries to get answers on this subject from Military Officials ..he gets nothing, Same as the troops that are in these prisons, trying to run these mad houses for the Pentagone, and when they ask for guidance or policy!!...They too get nothing ! Youre not surprised? This is The USA The Bush Crime Family Way!

White House officials say that legislation would limit the president's ability to carry out the war on terrorism. Ya I bet?KHis terrorism His war that he has illegally waged.

Ya see for months, the White House has threatened to veto such an amendment, now attached to the $445.5 billion Defense Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2006. The amendment was initially attached to the 2006 Defense Authorization bill, but was pulled from the Senate floor by Senate majority leader (What-A-JERK!-First) Bill Frist, after the White House threatened a veto. Now the part that sickens me is the ?? White House Threatens Veto line! Are they out of their minds? Or are we for allowing this torturing sick thought process?
I say allowing because you dont have to sit here accepting this. I am outraged. I am in the streets over this.
All this McCain's amendment establishes is that the Army Field Manual is the uniform standard for interrogation of detainees and it prohibits "cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment of prisoners in the detention of the government." Is that something to veto? Cant we all agree here in the Land of The Free to this amendment? For Pete??s sake People. Is Anybody Awake? Are there any other average Joe Anybodys out there that can see this for the simple request for dignity that it is? Stop Torturing period!

Now let me repeat what the amendment does All this McCain's amendment establishes is that the Army Field Manual is the uniform standard for interrogation of detainees and it prohibits "cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment of prisoners in the detention of the government See if we cant even promise that much, we have become some pretty worthless saps.

One SERIOUS disturbing fact of this provision is it would not cover the Central Intelligence Agency or curb the process of moving detainees (rendition) to other countries where torture is allowed, limiting its impact. As we get fucked again by the Above The Law CIA. The damn Government is spitting in our faces. And I hate being spit in my face.

A report by Maj. Gen. George R. Fay about the abuses at Abu Ghraib said the conduct of C.I.A. personnel at the prison was perceived by military officials there as more aggressive than that allowed by the military. The report said the C.I.A.'s conduct had a corrupting influence on military interrogators and contributed to a view among them that it was permissible to exceed strict guidelines for interrogations.

I want Tortured stopped and when Congress enacts laws the CIA skip around them like a bald faced liar would.
We work so hard to pass an amendment that just says the basic right of life "To treat these prisoners as Humans" and then the damn CIA sneaks around anyway hahahahahahaha (with White House Approval)

...this is just great....

This is a quote from an ACLU site which explains what needs to happen. In the absence of an appointed outside special counsel, the only government agency that can prosecute civilians--including contractors, CIA employees, or other civilian government employees--is the Justice Department. Within the Justice Department, the only prosecutors who can prosecute violations of criminal laws against torture or abuse are either in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department or in the various Justice Department offices of U.S. Attorneys for specific districts around the country. Thus, the only way for civilians to be held responsible for criminal acts is for the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute.
Although Attorney General Gonzales has refused thus far to appoint an outside special counsel for the investigation and prosecution of violations of federal laws against torture and abuse, the standard for an appointment has clearly been met, and the need is only reinforced if Flanigan is confirmed. Unless an outside special counsel is appointed before the confirmation of Flanigan, the Senate will not have any Executive Branch commitment to full accountability and responsibility for criminal wrongdoing by civilians??.(end quote)

And in closing a quote below is also from the ACLU to the Senate Judiciary Committee Regarding the Nomination of Timothy Flanigan to Deputy Attorney General. Thank God at least this Civil Rights group has put enough heat on the testimony and has stood up to these sick bastards to make them accountable and face the srinking music they wrote.
(quote)The American Civil Liberties Union strongly urges you to oppose moving forward on the nomination of Timothy Flanigan to be Deputy Attorney General until the Justice Department takes two necessary steps: (i) publicly releases an August 2002 memorandum from the Justice Department to the Central Intelligence Agency that authorizes specific interrogation techniques, including waterboarding (simulated drowning); and (ii) appoints an outside special counsel for the investigation and prosecution of criminal violations of federal laws against the torture or abuse of detainees There is an urgent public interest in investigating and prosecuting all civilians committing torture or abuse or conspiring to commit those crimes against persons being held by the United States as the best way to ensure that the government complies with the rule of law, and forever stops the use of torture and abuse. A small number of enlisted men and women and a few lower-ranking military officers should not be the only persons prosecuted for crimes, if top officials and other civilians also engaged in criminal wrongdoing. Given the clear evidence of deliberate and widespread use of torture and abuse, and that such conduct was the predictable result of policy changes made at the highest levels of government, an outside special counsel is certainly in the public interest. Although the ACLU does not take positions on Executive Branch nominations, we urge you to oppose moving forward on this nomination until the Justice Department takes these two important steps toward accountability.(end quote)

Much of this page was derived from or quoted from the ACLU link
HERE http://www.aclu.org/SafeandFree/SafeandFree.cfm?ID=19180&c=206

And more info copied from

Zebra 3 Reports is 100% concerned in stopping Prison Abuse and Torture Here in the USA and in Foreign Countries.
It is with great disheartenment that in these Foreign Countries where abuse is happening in prisons, that it is the USA that is blatantly abusing captive citizens of all ages, boldly in the name of Terrorism while the Average Joe Anybody sits at home thinking our Leaders are better men than they really are. (burp) man this makes me sick!

Stay tune to see if the confirmation of Timothy Flanigan to the Deputy position sickens our Justice System.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2005
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Topic: Protest !
Hey! Its Joe~Anybody here, I was wondering.... Is it that you "don't like PETA" or you "don't like what they expose you to, when you really don't want to know?" I had to consider if passing this link along was, well you know... appropriate? But then when I was watching as much of this shocking! VIDEO as I could stand I realized "maybe the inappropriatism is what PETA is exposing" and in that case Hell Ya no problem --> So I pass this LINK along about the Fur Farms in China. You see, it turns out there are no regulations governing these fur farms in China. The farmers can house and slaughter animals however they see fit and they do! Believe me! Excruciating deaths, and miserable lives. Uncalled for abuse. Now after watching this video it has twisted an image in my memory and PETA gets its message through to one more heart.., mine The Drum beat to Save the Animals seems a little louder. And it feels Good for an average 'Joe' like me to be a little more aware and outraged after watching only just a part of that video and yet now...am ready to join in and Drum. ...One thing I know for sure is, I can't watch any more of that video!!!

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Tuesday, 4 October 2005
Is it Controversial to ask about Torture?
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Topic: Torture & Abuse

The following quote in bold is part of a short comment and forum on really a GREAT website I enjoy reading Alternet.org ....which brings up the point: Should the U.S. military be engaging in torture? Evidently, such questions are now controversial. That should tell us something about the news media's current political climate in the United States of America.

Huh ??
That should tell us something about our news media's current political spin. Ummm can I interrupt and be quoted for the record, that Torture is Friken Wrong, no matter who, what, when & where! There is no controversial to any of this?! Its....
Not Acceptable
(The fact that we continue to violate human lives and law makes us some pretty dumb fuckers!) geee wizzz! I am ashamed and pissed!

I can not believe that our country would side-step the Geneva Laws and continue to do this type of abuse and show/hide such a disregard for Human Life! ....but Hey! beings "Sleeping America" doesn't follow or understand torture and Cheating, and Liars and Media~Spin all-to-well.... I guess this blatant abuse of Human Life(s) is to be expected.
I mean we are trying to stop terrorism right? Well isn't this a form of Terrorism? This cat and mouse hit the prisoner and say "prove it?" is really demented.
Go back to sleep America its just some 'Other Fathers Son' being torured
....ok end of my quote for the record!

Looking back on the 1960s, it's notable that the wisdom of those civil rights laws is now accepted by almost the entire political spectrum. "Controversial" issues became non-controversial when advocates of human-rights positions were able to get appropriate measures enacted into law.
In a sense, for human rights, we can gauge the progress of our society by assessing what has been settled and what is in open dispute.
So, today, what are we to make of the fact that torture is controversial?

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Monday, 3 October 2005
Made in the USA
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Topic: Liars & Cheaters
Old Tommy became majority whip and then majority leader by raising massive sums of money....speaking of $$$$ Just between the years 2000 and 2002 alone, he raised a total of $12.6 million -- and by strategically spending it on Republican candidates, in effect he was buying the loyalty of his colleagues.
His good buddy Jack (Abramoff) who was a DeLay's go-to guy on Israel issues, and Jack was instrumental in DeLay's push to make sure U.S. labor law could not be used to cover sweatshop workers in the Marianas, an American protectorate in the South Pacific. Oh sleepy Americans this is fine Government at work here.
(Clothing made in sweatshops in the Marianas can still be labeled "Made in U.S.A.") Even when this seems odd to me just knowing Tom and Jack spun it around a while means who knows how dirty it can be? It is like allot of unquestionable things with these guys that sorta become one of the many DeLayoddities!

Ya know Tommy D has been doing this dirty money passing to the Republican party for a long long time. See the Dirty Baker Dozen link
--> HERE By Basically funneling tons of cash to the GOP from ill begotten gains. Am I shocked? No ! I read that DeLay and two associates are NOW charged with conspiring to illegally steer $190,000 in corporate donations to state legislative candidates in 2002 and to disguise its source by sending it through national Republican campaign committees. Ahhhh yep! Laundering the money till its corporate clean.

Oh Boy seems like quite a creative scam for a bigot of a guy who once told a waiter in a restaurant that "he didn't care about the governments smoking laws concerning his lit cigar ...He was the Government"

Fame has its price and being mentioned on a weekly show on NBC by his "name" was being referred to as "the bad guy was wearing a Tom DeLay tee shirt". Hahaha ...nice!
Tommy D is mad but NBC tells him "So what just lump it you're a rock star NOW!! (those were my words but you get the point) hehehe

This is fitting

Join me NOW in a little celebration/remorse mp3 file jingle.

The download link if the above mp3 link doesn't work is this original link
here --> http://www.funnsylvania.com/media/tomdelay.mp3

NOW Here --> http://www.funnsylvania.com/media/tomdelay-prince.mp3 is a prince-DeLay mellow tribute that today is not complete without standing arm and arm and giving tribute to a "scammer loud mouth Hammer"

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Saturday, 1 October 2005
Smoke & Mirrors Aircraft Engines and Nuclear Reactors with Media Spin through NBC, CNBC
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Now Playing: Privacy Cheif Steps Down ~ to a Job with General Electric ~ The financial Backer of WorldCom
Well here is the headline of a CNET web page on Saturday morning (quote)"The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's first privacy chief stepped down on Friday amid praise from civil-liberties groups--and regret that Congress didn't prescribe more power to her position.
Nuala O'Connor Kelly, appointed by then-Secretary Tom Ridge in April 2003, plans to start as General Electric's Washington-based chief privacy leader and senior counsel in early to mid-October." (end quote)

Her replacement will be Maureen Cooney, who is currently the Privacy Office's chief of staff and senior adviser for international privacy policy.
This position was created because the Bush administration was getting a lot of complaints about its CAPPS II and Total Information Awareness program Now both these two departments are awash in collecting information and sharing with ??? We exactly don?t know. This secret data mining is being done to Protect America from Terrorists, but I see it as more of an intrusion into our personal lives. These protections were not really needed to make the airlines safer. There were "All Kinds Of Warnings! about planes hitting buildings that the government had about this, it was their neglect that caused these tragedies to happen.
By tracking info on you and me or looking under our daughters shirts is not going to make us safer.

This privacy issue is a JOKE and an admonishment of our civil liberty. Heck any Terrorist with fake ID can get past all this horse shit. This privacy issue really is more of feel good position to bullshit the general public. The created position lacks any power or teeth to do much but other than perpetuate the "I your president, care about your privacy so I will make a position to watch over these issue" when it really is all Smoke n Mirrors by Bush n Company Spin Doctors

Notice who she went to go work for from her Privacy Position, a big
Media Owner who is also a happens to be war profiteer among many other things.
The GE's Reigning CEO Jack Welch had enormous influence and was consistently ranked CEO of the Year by the slavish business press; he was major Republican donor as well. That hasn't kept General Electric from being involved in countless scandals and examples like when GE was fined $100 million for trying to get bankrupt creditors to pay without informing the bankruptcy courts, in effect paying debts that they no longer legally owed.

Seems to be some more of the good old Governmental' "one hand washes the other job transfer." My privacy concerns feels all the more secured now, Thanks Homeland Security!
Read more of this GE Corporate pickle here

To get to Corp Watch Home Page
click --> HERE

Spinning spinning we all fall down........

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Friday, 30 September 2005
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Now Playing: OH MY ! Is he a Republican? HA HA
Topic: Liars & Cheaters
You know this just has to get a halarious mention.
This is not poolside humor this is just plain honest to goodness damn good news for a change.

The Indicted Stepping Down Tom makes the news. Read the Smoking Gun Issue.

Wanna tell Tom to git ta stepping ...
Click the key word

Now he says this ....(quote) A defiant DeLay said he had done nothing wrong and denounced the Democratic prosecutor who pursued the case as a "partisan fanatic." He said, "This is one of the weakest, most baseless indictments in American history. It's a sham." (end quote)

Ha ha this guy has a list of ethics violations a mile long
He has been disciplened before over numerous issues like this. And he claims its a sham ....no its a joke and the rope is on your soap tommy and you aint going to be laughing nor golfing now!

"Mr. DeLay Just Answer The Questions Please"

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Thursday, 29 September 2005
Who is this FEMA Emergency Agency & Get Off The Freeway!
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And Lest not we forget the Outragous & Shocking comments by the police.

Some of these people had been without food and water for days walking and/or waiting for buses that never would show up, for 'the help' that never came. So they tried to get out of town by walking miles and then they had to cross a freeway bridge, But Hey! that wasn't going to be hard to do.....they just walked miles together helping each other walk and caring for each other as they made a trail to freedom cept the only problem was .....

The damn Armed Gretna Sheriffs formed a line across the foot of the bridge preventing them from exiting to safe dry land. Before they were close enough to speak, the sheriffs began firing their weapons over their heads,sending people scattering and running for their lives, (Oh ooops forgot to insert the words "running Terrorized by those crazy Sheriffs." Next they had to break into small groups so they could hide in bushes under the bridge and avoid the Police and hope they wouldn't get separated or lost or shot)

Sounds funny hiding from the Police when they are suppose to help you I thought, especially during a flood you would think!?!?

Now do you the reader, find anything odd or wrong about this type of treatment to hundreds of people on the run from a flood. These authorities that prevented them from crossing the bridge are not only evil, but sick and in the wrong with serious mention of their disregard to saving & respecting honest US citizens in time of dire need!

This link below - I am providing which I found on my Friends blog ...is an excellent audio clip of various people that were in the flood and they are telling how they were treated during their plight to escape the flooded city and get to a safer place.

This recording is some very personal accounts of the sicking treatment and conditions that 'who ever was in charge' of this disaster wasn't anywhere around to do anything to help. Not to mention seems like they were just forgotten and left to die. Hard to believe? Well read the links and listen to the recording.

!!made me sick just to warn ya!!

Get Off The Fucking Freeway Audio Clip It is at least a good five minutes into the clip before they talk about the bridge. But the whole recording is excellent, I urge you to Please tune in.
Those folks on the bridge just wanted to get where they could survive, they were dieing "do you understand they were DIEING."
.... No help from those FEMA agents and Gretna police guy's, and that is what makes this whole mess even more outrageous.

Between FEMA and the Gretna Sheriffs and Brown(stain) how can a "refugee" get a decent chance in a disaster?.
It angered me enough to start-up a blog (Zebra 3Reports) just because of the bullshit that hardly gets mentioned that is wrong ....I need to pass the word. The concept of our in-humane ways we treat people in this country and abroad under this regime, is ruining US its destroying people before our eyes. I can not be silenced

Pretty bad when unsocial-responsible Wall Mart can even look like they care more!

This story of "Get off the F* Freeway" should be the story of the year to sum up the love that was sent to New Orleans. Forget the trumped up stories of rape and gunshots and roaming gangs....., most was unproven hype or misreported and had enough media-political spin to make you puke and wanna congratulate Brown(stain) on how good he was doing to help out.
Remember when at first Bush was thanking Brown(stain) and complicating him on such a great job he was doing..,
"Next thing ya know! whoops! -
Get Brown(stain) out of here they are on to us"
duhhhhhhhh uuummmmm cut the phone lines ?!?

And 'Hurry' start the spin machine!

Hey speaking of spin ....(O) you got to check this cut and paste I took from a 1995 web page article on FEMA
Its all about the Excutive Orders and FEMA regulations read this-here little copy/paste I did.

----> FEMA's deceptive role really did not come to light with much of the public until Hurricane Andrew smashed into the U.S. mainland. As Russell R. Dynes, director of the Disaster Research Center of the University of Delaware, wrote in The World and I, "...The eye of the political storm hovered over the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA became a convenient target for criticism." Because FEMA was accused of dropping the ball in Florida, the media and Congress commenced to study this agency. What came out of the critical look was that FEMA was spending 12 times more for "black operations" than for disaster relief. It spent $1.3 billion building secret bunkers throughout the United States in anticipation of government disruption by foreign or domestic upheaval. Yet fewer than 20 members of Congress , only members with top security clearance, know of the $1.3 billion expenditure by FEMA for non-natural disaster situations. These few Congressional leaders state that FEMA has a "black curtain" around its operations. FEMA has worked on National Security programs since 1979, and its predecessor, the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency, has secretly spent millions of dollars before being merged into FEMA by President Carter in 1979.

FEMA has developed 300 sophisticated mobile units that are capable of sustaining themselves for a month. The vehicles are located in five areas of the United States. They have tremendous communication systems and each contains a generator that would provide power to 120 homes each, but have never been used for disaster relief<----.

Now that sounds just like the FEMA of today. Now here it is 10 years later and these thugs are still screwing up like they always have.
For the complete webpage on this 1995 article which is real interesting
click ----> HERE

I urge you to
Take the time to at least read my posted link
outrageous & Shocking

or listen to

Get Off The Fucking Freeway Audio Clip
it may change you forever!

Joe Anybody

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Wednesday, 28 September 2005
FEMA Quinn and a Blackhawk National Guard Hero
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Man to bad they can’t do anything right, even after the Katrina you would think they could wise up a little.

I think they spent to much time practicing how to be Black-booted thugs than actually doing what they are really needed and counted on to do. With Rita on the way FEMA shuts down a relief center in Houston I mean is this the way to help people who are doing without anything and everything? FEMA spokesman Justin Dombrowski said the agency closed the center for the day because of the heat and the unexpectedly large crowds. What?

'''HELLO is anybody Home?'''

that remind me I had a voicemail on my phone from an old friend, and have yet to research or look into it the factuality of it yet, but he said he was in Mississippi where the Rainbow Family has brought in big trucks and are feeding 1000's. He said it was amazing. He said the police were just letting them hippies "come on in" with all there gear and food to help feed all those hungry and displaced families. He said it was really cool. He had a nice positive comment from being a displased New Orleans flood victim himself. hmmmmmm?

But hey!
Do you remember my previous post click here to go back about the 500 dollar Hammer? -high price Hotel rooms for FEMA?-
Well next day I read in the Sept 23 05 issue of the NY Times a big article on this scallywag
Talk about making a buck when the opportunity is right.
Mr Quinn has, anyway at least from what I have read, reached out to officials inside FEMA that Mr. Quinn was able to identify through contacts at the Shaw Group, a large, well-connected construction and engineering company. Shaw has signed a $100 million contract with FEMA and another of similar size with the Army Corps of Engineers to help with the cleanup and rebuilding. Mr. Quinn is hoping to persuade FEMA to house a good portion of the workers indefinitely in his newly created temporary barracks. He also hopes to house displaced residents of New Orleans and other affected areas in any of the 21 hotels he said he was negotiating to buy.
Heck he even has taken up a new business as booking agents, charging other hoteliers a commission for passing along leads.
I read in another bit that said "A childhood friend of Mr Quinn's has taken a six-moth leave from an executive position to 'oversee negotiations" with FEMA and other federal agencies" Boy how cozy in the flood region can it get?
I wonder when I read them saying they only charge $20 MORE than the going government rate of $133 a night a room. Where they normally would be charging $179 to $299 for those rooms
So is it 300% of Rack Rate as my previous post or $20 dollars more than government going rate? i wonder?

Well Mr Quinn claims it?s a 50-50 chance. He said "I could come out broke!"
Ya! Which sounds a whole lot better than saying "I could come out Rich!"
No wonder he hires security chief, Michael Montgomery, who said he worked for an Alabama company called Bodyguard and Tactical Security (BATS)..remember!

But then, not everybody is making a buck. or using that 50-50 Quinn-theory.

I read in that same paper this article and I have a great sense of respect for this man from the story I read. It told of how he flew his National Guard Black Hawk helicopter into the flooded areas of New Orleans and landed on a Holiday Inn rooftop that he wasn’t even sure if he could fit the helicopter on to. And the added worry would they be over taken by people whom in trying to survive..., might take his chopper from him. well neither of his worries manifested. This guy was doing the right thing!

With his own home flooded and his Family safe, Staff Sgt. Michael Sorjonen spent the next 10 hours flying over 420 people from the rooftop to safety. He flew as many as 30 trips back n forth, helping several amputees and several in wheelchairs and at least eight pets.
When he flew up he was quoted as saying “"Hundred of people were crowded onto the balcony, with barely and inch to spare. Some were weeping, some waving hotel towels. Others were on the verge of passing out from the heat and days of privation"”

I like this guy!
It was nice to read about someone who cares during these greedy times.

I also heard about this guy who came to help do some demolition and flood damage removal and.... make some money, who said that they are being paid $35 an hour. However, when they worked at rebuilding after Hurricane Ivan they were allowed to work overtime. For the Hurricane Katrina rebuilding they are only allowed to work 40 hours a week.
Nevertheless, they anticipate that they will be in town for 6 months and they are thankful for the endless supply of FEMA money.? .....

Ha ha ha "endless supply of FEMA money" .....yha I bet.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2005
The Brown Stink from New Orleans Disaster Area
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the old Brown-Stain blamed most coordination failures on Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin., not without throwing some dirt on a Favorite(sic) Group of mine,
The Department of Homeland Security, the parent agency for FEMA for what he claimed "not acquiring better equipment ahead of the storm"

All in all it was all summed up by Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Miss., who told Brown: “The disconnect was, people thought there was some federal expertise out there. There wasn’t. Not from you.”

As Brown becomes one of the many Bush Failure Symbols, in this natural disaster that claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people, he says “I’ve overseen over 150 presidentially declared disasters. I know what I’m doing, and I think I do a pretty darn good job of it,”

Well La-Te-Da “Your fired you big screw up”

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Poolside Joke
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Topic: Poolside & Surfing

Hey here sitting by the pool! A joke or two keeps us howling clear into the night. This shakedown picture cracks me up every time. Looks like the TSA or FEMA has found some escaping refugees from the New Orleans Relief Compounds or some border crossing terrorists to hassle... Throw me a towel this water is cold!

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Monday, 26 September 2005
FEMA and Blackwater
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So yesterday after work, I decide to check into my favorite web cam site from New Orleans, I have been using the num.3 mirrored site with the best luck.

Well then, how did I know they were going to be blogging about one of my favorite subjects? yep.. FEMA! Oh this is interesting, cause I have been reading-looking at lots of first hand info from these guys web site all throughout the flood!! They have passed on some great pictures and stories now a FEMA story.....

... within a few paragraphs I notice "Ha-ha! A first hand account, that those FEMA bastards are rolling in the luxuries of the tax payers money and.., wasting that money that should be going to help those that really are needing help in that crises." (more on this sorry group latter)

Now from that web-cam-blogThe Interdictor I read, And I will quote a paragraph from their site on September 26 2005 at 7:49

"Please Don't Tell Me That FEMA Pays $500 Per Hammer!
Post by Sigmund Solares
Chief Executive Officer
Intercosmos Media Group, Inc.
300% of "Rack Rate" a Night for Hotel Rooms at the W
I tried in vain to obtain a hotel room for an employee downtown so that the employee would not have to sleep on an air mattress every night. It turns out that FEMA has rented the 190 available rooms from the W hotel by paying 300% of "rack rate." Rack rate is the ordinary price for a hotel room without any discounts. This is the standard rate that a hotel will quote you when you ask for a room.
Let's make some assumptions here... I am assuming that rack rate for the W in New Orleans this time of year is at least $200 a night since the convention season has already started. That would put the rooms at $600 a night per room. That comes out to $114,000 per day for 190 rooms at $600 a day each. With costs like this I can see how rebuilding New Orleans will be insanely expensive. I would imagine that the rates should come down some in the not too distant future, but, I am not holding my breath. Assuming a rack rate of $251 and the cost would be $1 million a week for 190 rooms.
Anyone know of any good deals on hotel rooms in downtown New Orleans? Any word on when additional hotels will be back in action?

Gee wizzz is this the same FEMA subject I had I just read about? and it was RIGHT HERE in the 'main' indymedia.us website that said quote
"Others have been hired by the wealthy elite, like F. Patrick Quinn III, who brought in private security to guard his $3 million private estate and his luxury hotels, which are under consideration for a lucrative federal contract to house FEMA workers."

Well the FEMA workers are living good from judging what I have been reading here in this blog, at least when it comes to their lodging at the W in NewOrleans and its ritzy accommodations.
And ya know the security companies like Black Water and ISI or BATS (Alabama company called Bodyguard and Tactical Security) all which seem to be pretty well dug into this type of biz-nez with mercenary style of paid protection for the wealthy who, most likely seem to be, by a large part GOP supports, as are the founder and owners of Blackwater, themselves.

"Unlike ISI or BATS, The highly paid Blackwater guys are operating under a federal contract (Really? I am surprised?) (?) to provide 164 armed guards for FEMA reconstruction projects in Louisiana. Blackwater's success in procuring federal contracts could well be explained by major-league contributions and family connections to the GOP" Now these ISI and BATS guys ? ....whoaaaa where did they say these bad -asses came from? I mean take those guys names down for a private security company if you ever need one. Oh ya I remember, they were the veterans of the Israeli Special Task Forces thats who those ISI guys are! Yep! they probably are damn good hired killers! Now who was it that was hiring them? Do I got to look that up again.....?

But the part in the very last paragraph of the Indy article which I guess is really a Nation Article, is this comment, that describes the link as to how all this fits together, quote "After the killing of four Blackwater mercenaries in Falluja in March 2004, Erik Prince hired the Alexander Strategy Group, a PR firm with close ties to GOPers like DeLay. By mid-November the company was reporting 600 percent growth. In February 2005 the company hired Ambassador Cofer Black, former coordinator for counterterrorism at the State Department and former director of the CIA's Counterterrorism Center, as vice chairman. Just as the hurricane was hitting, Blackwater's parent company, the Prince Group, named Joseph Schmitz, who had just resigned as the Pentagon's Inspector General, as the group's chief operating officer and general counsel."
And then later it goes on to say ,"In May Blackwater's Jackson testified before Congress in an effort to gain lucrative Homeland Security contracts to train 2,000 new Border Patrol agents, saying Blackwater understands "the value to the government of one-stop shopping."
" end quote.
oh brother you get what I'm smelling?

So these Right Wing supporters are now FEMA festeringing their services by being hired mercenaries un/(?)supported by our legal justice department? One hand washes the other or at least washes the stolen money fingerprints from the hands of the corporate feeding frenzy and our dis-honest government paws.

..so training for the Border patrolling ??hmmmmmm.., I have for the sheer interest in a Good Protest provided a link to see how one type of "border training session" was going, or should I say "not going"!

This training is not the same as the Blackwater one, this is a Minuteman training session
Although this protest was done to, stop their training session, there was some type of throwing stuff around and somewhat of a (?) disruption, which for my self let me say "I'm non-Violent"
Well non the less it was interesting to see Racism Training being stopped abruptly...rudely yes! but as I said abruptly!!
Smelly Minuteman were sniffed out since it was suppose to be a secret-private training session shhhhhhhhhh! Friends(sic) of the Border Patrol Training Sessions were not planning to have some loud protestors calling them "Racist" etc show up and disrupting their train-a-thon.

This was suppose to be a secret Training! Ha!
Looks like class is cancelled.
LISTEN to some people speak who were involved in this "direct action against the Minuteman Racism Training Session by closing it down. Their short audio MP3 download is I what I would say first hand reporting where the speakers-protestors tell why they were there, at the Scottish Rite and shutting down the training for that day.

Did I hear a tear drop?

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