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Saturday, 22 October 2005
Force fed Prisoners and Weapons Inspector Speaks Out
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Doctors and Physician's and Riot Teams all are involved in useing forced medical tactics to try to keep the 100 HUNGER STRIKERS alive
Now what is happening is that there is such a pathetic state of human life abuse going on at this USA run Prison. The hunger strikers are not eating because they are protesting the conditions and their treatment in prison. The fact that they are being held for years with no charges,
and all the abuses they are subject to see my link here just for an example.

The disrespect for the Geneva Conditions by my government is deplorable.

Listen to a Lawyer speak about what how the US Military is using Tubes to force feed the prisoners while they are shackled to the floor. The tubes are bloody and full of vile from the previous prisoner who they just force fed by running these big long tubes up there noses into there stomaches, they are not cleaned from one prisoner to the next. Is this sick or what?
The US Military is worried that the prisoners will be dying there and bringing more (bad)attention to the prison. Can you believe that?. Our policies to do this is so bad and disturbingly preverted that the prisoners are starving themselves to death.....THIS IS SICK AMERICA ~ THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT! WAKE UP! THIS IS WRONG!
...Watch here--> Democracy Now AUDIO CLIP

The lawyer is on first.
And then Scott Rider is after her.

This is an excellent clip by ex - Weapons Inspector in Iraq "Scott Rider" who is speaking about how the USA got into this mess with Iraq, and how the Weapons Inspector were thwarted by not only our own false WMD stories, but also tactics from going back to the ol Bush's dads days in office and his attitude to starve the country with "sanctions". (this sanctions issue will be exposd more in the upcoming Zebra 3 reports)

We were being sold a phony story by our Government, and this ex-weapon inspector tells how our own Administration used sneaky back door ways to manipulate the Iraqis *and the American People. Its interesting to listen to this US inspector who has firsthand interesting comments about this mess and the lies we were told.
He also mentions the NeoCons and their 2002 policy installed by Bush and Co to have that "Neocon inspired objective" that being... the USA becomes the ones to "Achieve Global World Dominance"

My my my readers this is a nasty world that is a result of this administration reckless sneaky abuse!

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Friday, 14 October 2005
USA Guantanamo Bay's Own Prision Chaplin Wrongly Imprisoned
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Well its a Friday on October 14 and the USA is looking to release some detainees to their own country, at least that is what the headlines from Kuwaitifreedom website say.
(OH..By the way prisoners have been held for over 1372 days without due process......Well hell! Are we not a democracy? Don't we support freedom and due process here in the US?) (well this isn't the US - haha your sleeping again America!)

But the story that caught my eye was of the ex Guantanamo Chaplin who was held in prison as a spy and latter released (whoops we are not sorry).
Now why do you suspect, that when the Chaplin would go into were the cells and prisoners were.., the Guards would yell out "Chaplin on the Block"? Ya I know why! I bet you do too!

"I am a soldier, a citizen, and a patriot, says Captain James Yee. But in the eyes of a suspicious, misguided minority who have lost touch with America's national inclusiveness, and above all else I am a Muslim and that makes me a suspect. My experience had taught me how little cultural understanding of Islam most military leaders had," hey! You would think we would have experts in other nations cultures and lifestyles, educate our military leaders before we go to war with these countries? It sure wouldn't hurt.

Yee, who is a graduate of the prestigious US Military Academy at West Point, New York, whose father and two brothers were also soldiers, quit the US military after he was cleared of espionage charges.
Yee said he wanted to help his colleagues understand Islam. Well it looks pretty clear to just about any Joe Anybody "We understand Muslims are terrorist or suspects" this is based from the way we treat them here in the US and overseas...For example, Yee is living proof how we tend to be treating "non-Americans born" people. And he was a serviceman and of religious stature. Damn those warmongering-torturing-freedom wreckers anyway!

This Chaplin has a New Book out titled "For God and Country, Faith and Patriotism under Fire."
I really want to read it...
For Gods sake, Yee, is a Chaplin who wanted the torture to stop, and fair treatment of Islamic prisoners..., there must be some sick people running this prison/torture show when ya cant even respect the Chaplin and then try to "frame" him as a spy.
Heck Joe Anybody sure is starting to appreciate this guy.
And if you are like me, you will want to read more on Yee, so here is his Homepage website that is real informative.., it tells a lot about the injustice this man suffered, how his life that was taken for a few months, and the cost he as accrued in the hands of the Bush Crime Family. click --> HERE

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Sunday, 9 October 2005
John McCain's anti-torture amendment passed by a remarkable 90-9 vote
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Numerous Facts Provided & Copied from "Human Rights First"

Great News... last night's Senate decision, after a fierce and drawn-out battle, to pass Sen. John McCain's anti-torture amendment. His amendment passed by a remarkable 90-9 vote. :-)

Boldly challenging the White House, the Senate sent a clear message that there is a torture problem, it must be fixed, and the time is now. Torture will not be tolerated.

(Damn do you think we should??) what a bunch of ignorant swindlers...hell no there shouldn't be torture !! Ge Wizz are they retarded? I a dumbfounded that we need to go through this process and have to force the White House to act ethnically. This ignorant process to define morally and what is right and wrong concerning Torture and abuse should be basic ethics type of policy and not need this discovery process so far into the 21st Century The US having to need to be define our standing policy or be so confused we don't know "what is right anymore?" I blame this all on the Bush Crime Family and the Neocon cronies that orchestrated this mess.

What an embarrassment we are to the rest of the world. Freedom my ass! We are a cruel torturous country that has prisons outside its borders in order to violate USA Laws(sic) and we capture citizens of all ages and hold with out trials or charges for indefinitely. Makes you the reader to be represented by our Federal Government and their behavior to do this, I don't know about you , but I can't stand to be represented like this.I am ashamed.

Only nine Senators (Boooo!) withheld their support: Allard (R-CO), Bond (R-MO), Coburn (R-OK), Cochran (R-MS), Cornyn (R-TX), Inhofe (R-OK), Roberts (R-KS), Sessions (R-AL), and Stevens (R-AK). Sen. Bill Frist,(What-A-JERK!-First) who had been blocking this amendment, amazingly voted for the provision. Do you see a certain Party Trend here ...Oh! They all are Republicans..wow!? Birds of a feather flock together...

In addition to the letter from 28 retired senior military leaders informally coordinated by Human Rights First to support Senator McCain, former Secretary of State Colin Powell also endorsed the amendment yesterday. He wrote in a letter to Sen. McCain: "The world will note that America is making a clear statement with respect to the expected future behavior of our soldiers. Such a reaction will help deal with the terrible public diplomacy crisis created by Abu Ghraib."
Well Golllllllyyyyy I sure hope so!

Senator McCain's amendment, which sets a clear standard for U.S. interrogations of detainees and prohibits torture, goes a long way to ensure that the atrocities committed by U.S. troops at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere will never be repeated.

But we have major obstacles ahead. We still face fierce opposition from the White House, which threatened just yesterday to veto the amendment. Also, the legislation now moves to a House-Senate Conference Committee, where it will face strong opposition.
Good God this is stupid but it is so fricken true ....!


This site from Human Rights First which has a list and the letter that a bunch of Military leaders signed about torture and common sense. Whoaa!
http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/us_law/etn/pdf/mccain-100305.pdfit is a nice that some are not sleeping here in America.
But will their voices be heard? ........Huh?

Joe Anybody here saying

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Saturday, 8 October 2005
Timothy E. Flanigan Withdraws From Deputy Attorney General
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Contact: Media@dcaclu.org
WASHINGTON -Timothy E. Flanigan, the controversial nominee to be deputy attorney general, withdrew his name from consideration today, just days after the Senate adopted the McCain anti-torture amendment to the Defense Department spending bill. Flanigan was one of the architects of policies that led to the detainee abuses, and the American Civil Liberties Union said that his decision should not distract Congress from fully investigating those interrogation policies.
The following can be attributed to Christopher E. Anders, an ACLU Legislative Counsel:
"Flanigan was hit from all sides during this confirmation process, about his role in multiple scandals. When pressed, he refused to account for his role in the development of policies that led to the abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. (What a dishonorable scumbag)

Flanigan had no business supervising prosecutors responsible for investigating and prosecuting torture and abuse that his own policies helped facilitate. (yet) These cheating bastards were trying to pull the wool over "Sleeping America " eyes, but the ACLU cought their ass and turned up the HEAT ....hahaha smell the bull shit cooking?

"While Flanigan may fade away from the spotlight, lawmakers must continue to focus on the decisions that led to interrogation policies that abandon the rule of law. Low-ranking individuals like Private Lynndie England have been charged and sentenced, but the higher-ups that crafted these policies have gotten off scot-free. We renew our call on Attorney General Gonzales to appoint an independent, impartial special counsel to investigate the torture and abuses scandal. It is the only way to assure the public that this government is committed to demanding accountability, eliminating abusive interrogation procedures and restoring the rule of law."
new brief update

....I leave you with today this thought:
I copied this comment below from
--> --> http://www.president-bush.com/criminality.html
Rumsfeld and the White House would have us believe that there is no connection between policy documents exploring torture and evasion of the Geneva Convention and the misconduct on the ground in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan — misconduct that has produced at least 30 deaths in detention associated with "extreme" interrogation techniques. But the Nuremberg tradition contradicts such a contention.

At Nuremberg, U.S. prosecutors held German officials accountable for the consequences of their policy decisions without offering proof that these decisions were implemented with the knowledge of the policymakers. The existence of the policies and evidence that the conduct contemplated in them occurred was taken as proof enough.

There is no doubt that individuals like Graner and England should be held to be accountable. But where is justice — and where are the principles the U.S. proudly advanced at Nuremberg — if those in the administration and the military who seem most culpable for the tragedy not only escape punishment but in some cases are slated for promotion?

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Friday, 7 October 2005
White House Wants to Promote ~ To Cover Torture Tracks
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Concerning the nomination of Timothy Flanigan for Deputy Attorney General, a June 21, 2004 Newsweek article quotes Flanigan as he explains the interest of the CIA in obtaining legal advice on permissible interrogation techniques. The same article describes White House meetings chaired by then-White House Counsel Gonzales in which Administration lawyers found acceptable: water-boarding, or dripping water into a wet cloth over a suspects face, which can feel like drowning; and threatening to bring in more-brutal interrogators from other nations.?? Saying if we used these techniques, it would save American lives.

He also says when asked about if using questionable techniques was inhumane. Flanigan responded that inhumane treatment is not susceptible to a succinct definition. He also stated that whether any of these practices would be lawful would depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding its use, and that it would be inappropriate for me to speculate about whether such techniques are lawful or humane.
Get a load of this shit this guy is selling. He is spinning around the legal terms of being inhumane as he runs for the 2nd highest Law Enforcement position in the Country

It seems there reportedly is a withheld second August 2002 memorandum from the Justice Department to the CIA that approves a long list of interrogation techniques that reportedly include practices that go beyond not only prior Justice Department and Defense Department practices, but also prior CIA practices. A June 27, 2004 USA Today article reported that a current Justice official who knows the memos contents said it specifically authorized the CIA to use waterboarding, in which a prisoner is made to believe he is drowning. According to a June 28, 2004 Washington Post article, other approved techniques include refusal of pain medication for injuries, and stress positions, light and noise bombardment, sleep deprivation, and making captives think they are being interrogated by another government.
The first memorandum was withdrawn and replaced by the Justice Department less than a week before the confirmation hearing, but Gonzales defended the faulty legal reasoning in the memorandum.
During the confirmation hearing for Attorney General Gonzales, members of the Judiciary Committee closely questioned Gonzales on the August 1, 2002 Bybee memorandum that narrowly defined torture.

Now this get interesting?..On September 19, 2005, the Justice Department refused the request of Senators Kennedy, Feingold, and Durbin for this memorandum. The Justice Department explained in a letter that [t]here are substantial confidentiality interests associated with any such opinion, which would consist of confidential legal advice for the consideration of senior Administration decision-makers . . . its disclosure outside the Executive Branch would harm the deliberative processes of the Department and the Executive Branch and disrupt attorney-client relationships.?? Meaning they are gonna cover their own asses by some stupid substantial confidentially interest considerations for (burp!) senior Administration blah blah blah..,

Which brings me to Todays spin by Bush and the White House Crime Gang... that with the Senate overwhelming passage of a prisoner treatment policy amendment it was OBJECTED by the White House? ...Well excuse me Boss! But we don't appreciate your twisted-ass-covering torture policies and youre making the world hate us and our Fascist sick attitude that are violating the War Act Policy and Human Rights Violations.

Sen. John McCain (R) of Arizona, who sponsored the amendment that would bar cruel and inhumane treatment of detainees, says this is not what the United States is about. He hits this point straight on. But when he tries to get answers on this subject from Military Officials ..he gets nothing, Same as the troops that are in these prisons, trying to run these mad houses for the Pentagone, and when they ask for guidance or policy!!...They too get nothing ! Youre not surprised? This is The USA The Bush Crime Family Way!

White House officials say that legislation would limit the president's ability to carry out the war on terrorism. Ya I bet?KHis terrorism His war that he has illegally waged.

Ya see for months, the White House has threatened to veto such an amendment, now attached to the $445.5 billion Defense Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2006. The amendment was initially attached to the 2006 Defense Authorization bill, but was pulled from the Senate floor by Senate majority leader (What-A-JERK!-First) Bill Frist, after the White House threatened a veto. Now the part that sickens me is the ?? White House Threatens Veto line! Are they out of their minds? Or are we for allowing this torturing sick thought process?
I say allowing because you dont have to sit here accepting this. I am outraged. I am in the streets over this.
All this McCain's amendment establishes is that the Army Field Manual is the uniform standard for interrogation of detainees and it prohibits "cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment of prisoners in the detention of the government." Is that something to veto? Cant we all agree here in the Land of The Free to this amendment? For Pete??s sake People. Is Anybody Awake? Are there any other average Joe Anybodys out there that can see this for the simple request for dignity that it is? Stop Torturing period!

Now let me repeat what the amendment does All this McCain's amendment establishes is that the Army Field Manual is the uniform standard for interrogation of detainees and it prohibits "cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment of prisoners in the detention of the government See if we cant even promise that much, we have become some pretty worthless saps.

One SERIOUS disturbing fact of this provision is it would not cover the Central Intelligence Agency or curb the process of moving detainees (rendition) to other countries where torture is allowed, limiting its impact. As we get fucked again by the Above The Law CIA. The damn Government is spitting in our faces. And I hate being spit in my face.

A report by Maj. Gen. George R. Fay about the abuses at Abu Ghraib said the conduct of C.I.A. personnel at the prison was perceived by military officials there as more aggressive than that allowed by the military. The report said the C.I.A.'s conduct had a corrupting influence on military interrogators and contributed to a view among them that it was permissible to exceed strict guidelines for interrogations.

I want Tortured stopped and when Congress enacts laws the CIA skip around them like a bald faced liar would.
We work so hard to pass an amendment that just says the basic right of life "To treat these prisoners as Humans" and then the damn CIA sneaks around anyway hahahahahahaha (with White House Approval)

...this is just great....

This is a quote from an ACLU site which explains what needs to happen. In the absence of an appointed outside special counsel, the only government agency that can prosecute civilians--including contractors, CIA employees, or other civilian government employees--is the Justice Department. Within the Justice Department, the only prosecutors who can prosecute violations of criminal laws against torture or abuse are either in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department or in the various Justice Department offices of U.S. Attorneys for specific districts around the country. Thus, the only way for civilians to be held responsible for criminal acts is for the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute.
Although Attorney General Gonzales has refused thus far to appoint an outside special counsel for the investigation and prosecution of violations of federal laws against torture and abuse, the standard for an appointment has clearly been met, and the need is only reinforced if Flanigan is confirmed. Unless an outside special counsel is appointed before the confirmation of Flanigan, the Senate will not have any Executive Branch commitment to full accountability and responsibility for criminal wrongdoing by civilians??.(end quote)

And in closing a quote below is also from the ACLU to the Senate Judiciary Committee Regarding the Nomination of Timothy Flanigan to Deputy Attorney General. Thank God at least this Civil Rights group has put enough heat on the testimony and has stood up to these sick bastards to make them accountable and face the srinking music they wrote.
(quote)The American Civil Liberties Union strongly urges you to oppose moving forward on the nomination of Timothy Flanigan to be Deputy Attorney General until the Justice Department takes two necessary steps: (i) publicly releases an August 2002 memorandum from the Justice Department to the Central Intelligence Agency that authorizes specific interrogation techniques, including waterboarding (simulated drowning); and (ii) appoints an outside special counsel for the investigation and prosecution of criminal violations of federal laws against the torture or abuse of detainees There is an urgent public interest in investigating and prosecuting all civilians committing torture or abuse or conspiring to commit those crimes against persons being held by the United States as the best way to ensure that the government complies with the rule of law, and forever stops the use of torture and abuse. A small number of enlisted men and women and a few lower-ranking military officers should not be the only persons prosecuted for crimes, if top officials and other civilians also engaged in criminal wrongdoing. Given the clear evidence of deliberate and widespread use of torture and abuse, and that such conduct was the predictable result of policy changes made at the highest levels of government, an outside special counsel is certainly in the public interest. Although the ACLU does not take positions on Executive Branch nominations, we urge you to oppose moving forward on this nomination until the Justice Department takes these two important steps toward accountability.(end quote)

Much of this page was derived from or quoted from the ACLU link
HERE http://www.aclu.org/SafeandFree/SafeandFree.cfm?ID=19180&c=206

And more info copied from

Zebra 3 Reports is 100% concerned in stopping Prison Abuse and Torture Here in the USA and in Foreign Countries.
It is with great disheartenment that in these Foreign Countries where abuse is happening in prisons, that it is the USA that is blatantly abusing captive citizens of all ages, boldly in the name of Terrorism while the Average Joe Anybody sits at home thinking our Leaders are better men than they really are. (burp) man this makes me sick!

Stay tune to see if the confirmation of Timothy Flanigan to the Deputy position sickens our Justice System.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2005
Is it Controversial to ask about Torture?
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Topic: Torture & Abuse

The following quote in bold is part of a short comment and forum on really a GREAT website I enjoy reading Alternet.org ....which brings up the point: Should the U.S. military be engaging in torture? Evidently, such questions are now controversial. That should tell us something about the news media's current political climate in the United States of America.

Huh ??
That should tell us something about our news media's current political spin. Ummm can I interrupt and be quoted for the record, that Torture is Friken Wrong, no matter who, what, when & where! There is no controversial to any of this?! Its....
Not Acceptable
(The fact that we continue to violate human lives and law makes us some pretty dumb fuckers!) geee wizzz! I am ashamed and pissed!

I can not believe that our country would side-step the Geneva Laws and continue to do this type of abuse and show/hide such a disregard for Human Life! ....but Hey! beings "Sleeping America" doesn't follow or understand torture and Cheating, and Liars and Media~Spin all-to-well.... I guess this blatant abuse of Human Life(s) is to be expected.
I mean we are trying to stop terrorism right? Well isn't this a form of Terrorism? This cat and mouse hit the prisoner and say "prove it?" is really demented.
Go back to sleep America its just some 'Other Fathers Son' being torured
....ok end of my quote for the record!

Looking back on the 1960s, it's notable that the wisdom of those civil rights laws is now accepted by almost the entire political spectrum. "Controversial" issues became non-controversial when advocates of human-rights positions were able to get appropriate measures enacted into law.
In a sense, for human rights, we can gauge the progress of our society by assessing what has been settled and what is in open dispute.
So, today, what are we to make of the fact that torture is controversial?

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Saturday, 24 September 2005
Morning Coffee was Bitter as the News
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
I awoke today with the sun hitting bright on the alarm clock, it was hard to read...

What 11:30 already?
Next thing I know I have a cup of hot coffee and the New York Times in my hand.
I can hear the neighborhood kids playing ball down the street. The Sun is shining and it’s the 3rd day of autumn. I am feeling pretty rested and good. I like days like this.
The Headlines say in bold letters on the front page to the sleepyheads of America who typically are just droning their way in the sand day after day.
“Three in the 82nd Airborne say Beating Iraqi Prisoners Was Routine"
Well from then on the coffee was as bitter as this pathetic story I was holding in my hand.
I am strongly against beating or in terrorizing a pinned down or caged man, period! That’s final anything along that line is WRONG! period! And no respected Official or Leader should allow it to be happening. I hold them to be accountable. They should stop this now if they cared.

Anyway….the report brought by Human Rights Watch, and also reported by one of the soldiers, a decorated Army Captain to two senior Republican on the senate Armed Service Committee, John W. Warner of Virginia, and chairman, and John McCain of Arizona.
These abuses reportedly happened between September 2003 and April 2004 right during the investigations at Abu Ghraib. Pretty blatant and bold during a tragic semi publicized time of year of abuse being discussed in the media if you ask me. Of course comments such as "you didn’t see that did you?' were heard often as the abuse and ‘softening’ was being done.

Ooouuchh! A broken leg from being told to bend over then he (the cook) hit him in the leg with a metal bat called a min-Louisville Slugger.
One solider said he was "acting under orders" "we kept it to broken arms and legs"
Ya this coffee is bad,
but it sure is pretty outside ...and as I gaze back I say to my self " wait! lookie here what is this" ......'The Army captain who made the allegations gave Human Right Watch and Senate aids his long account only after his efforts to report the abuses to his superiors were rebuffed or ignored over 17 months according to Senate aides and John Sifton of Human Rights Watch. Seventeen Months? And he was ignored did I read that right? Why? Hey is this happening am I the only one to just read this and wonder what in the hell is going on?

Hey! Now its time to skip this coffee and crack a beer.
Maybe I will start a Web Blog to get my opinion out and to at least try to get some attention on this injustice (I say to my self) as I drink half the can in one long slow drink.
I can write then take a few comments and get to the stories I see that are slipping through the cracks un noticed or discussed by the average Joe Anybody. By me discussing these issues and at least getting them noted and off from my worried concerned mind I can say I’m trying.
For now I guess I am pissed and disgusted.
...one Beer latter and I’m writing this blog here

It would seem that this abuse of foreign prisoners
and the right we strip from them and the practice's of getting information should be considered criminal.
This is not 'my America' that is doing this to captives. Who is in charge of all this?
How can this be going on day after day? Are they not doing their job?.......or Is our Government really allowing this to happen time and time again?
I will be exploring these issues in the next few ramblings I post in the near future, I can hardly wait.

There are hundred of documents that support this assumption that we in America can say “We do Torture and We do Abuse” and until proved other wise the facts are yet to be seen to prove my assumptions wrong. But does anyone care. The sand for one to put his head in is so deep and readily available.
Maybe if the Government and military had shown some Facts, that if they had or will quit their dirty ways it may prove they are being honest and trying to do what is right. But with the Prisons in Iraq and Cuba and other we have on foreign soil and with our Pentagon using the Ghost Planes to capture and fly people out of the country where laws "don’t apply" we call this rendition by the way, but hey its a sunny Autumn day and the kids sound like its a soccer game they are playing, I should go walk through the park its a perfect day for that.

Yep a walk would be nice ....I hate to know or have to research this topic but I need to keep updated on this sad state of neglect for Human Life and Rights that belong to all Humans captive home or afar. Prisoner's treated worse than animals can't happen on my watch! Is it ok for yours?
And damn it seems this old warm beer is getting pretty damn bitter too. Not surprised after all this sad bitter news.

This is just one of many many reports that Zebra 3 will be bringing to you. Please send me your information and comments to

Joe Anybody

The article from NY Times 9-24-05 is in the link directly below here titled "Prisoners Beaten"
Read what the USA has been doing

Ref Linkhttp://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/24/politics/24abuse.html

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Updated: Tuesday, 27 September 2005 3:29 AM PDT

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