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Friday, 28 October 2005
Legalize Pot and You Will Be Stopping Domistic Violence
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Topic: Civil Rights

To tear down signs and freak over this ballot measure proposed by Mason Tvert, the 23-year-old campaign organizer (shown in picture above)is absolutely "bigoted and child-like" of the Denver elected councilman!!
Read HERE about a bigoted Councilman in Denver, whos name is "Charlie Brown"
(HA! what a name for a block head)
Who in spite of how the TRUTH HURTS Him....look at his reaction and his attitude as he spins the issues and freaks out on the whole Idea of Police taking a low priority for marijuana issues.

What a Imbecile!

I hope this new law in Denver does pass.
Just about any Joe Anybody can see that Marijuana is way more safer than booze.

Just research the facts!
To support this agenda shows some intelligents and it shows you have read the facts that marijuana dangers are about nill. Not to mention a waste of police resources when there is WAY more serious crime to worry about.

Heck what a bunch of crybabies! Serve the people as you were elected and sworn to to do - "And leave your opinion at the door of your job all you Profiteers who's job is paved by funds - off the backs of marijuana smokers."

To the tune of: from 2002 to August of this year, some 6,800 people in Denver were charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.
WOW = That makes for big profits off these innocent non criminals, $$$$

Be forewarned Zebra 3 Readers, we all are going to see more and more of this type of spin-whining as the LOGIC of stupid laws start to get challenged and the bigoted rule makers cry as they are forced into enforcing the PEOPLES LAWS!

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Updated: Friday, 28 October 2005 9:34 PM PDT
Thursday, 27 October 2005
Arrested for Demanding Accountability
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Topic: Civil Rights

The plan was to speak to the senator, our elected official, the woman that represents us. They ought to give us an opportunity to make our case.? said Reverend Peter Johnson after being turned away from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's office by a cadre of police Tuesday afternoon in Dallas.

Click this link and read how how in Texas people are thrown in jail just for wanting answers from OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS about why we are at war in IRAQ and why our children are dieing?

Posted by joe-anybody at 11:07 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, 28 October 2005 9:42 PM PDT
Saturday, 22 October 2005
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Now Playing: Tommy Chongs Life Stolen From Him Due To Stupid Pot Laws
Topic: Civil Rights
Tommy Chong In-Prison Interview
Click Here to watch ("Real-Player") Video
He talks about the Drug War and his awareness of his peaceful outlook from inside the walls of an unjust system. All he did was sell some glass pipes and he gets 9 months prison time....?

Well now he has been out for a while.
Here in the Zebra 3 Report is the link to hear Tommy Chongs talk about being Drug Free, stories of crossing the border and how John Ashcroft was out to get him. Nice to hear his voice and him rap about how rediculous the laws, lies and the Governments greedy sick hypocritical ways of treating nice people.
Listen to his Out of-Prison Interview on NPR now that he is a FREE man as he rightly deserves to be. Imagine being jailed for selling pipes
.... --> Click Here

With all the up to date --> CURRENT INFORMATION <-- that is available these days, it is a damn rotten shame we punish people for indulging in this beautiful plant.

Not every Joe Anybody has to smoke marijuana but certainly its not asking too much to let those who need to or want to indulge,be granted the freedom and respect to be left alone.

iT iS DaMn* wrong to jail innocent users! I am appalled! SHAME! ...I ask you are we not a civilized free nation "with the right to pursue happiness" here in this *UNITED* states? What gives them the right to steal a mans life?

Posted by joe-anybody at 8:04 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 27 October 2005 8:44 PM PDT
Wednesday, 12 October 2005
Cops & Corps & Serving Justice
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Topic: Civil Rights

The year is 2005 and a Flood has overrun the town. Looting is everywhere and survival is your main concern.....so what do ya do --> get your self a new ride

Speaking of the Police did you see this LINK and how the Police beat-up a 64 year man by the name of Robert Davis for no reason other than he told one of the officers that he was "rude" for interrupting his conversation with some other police he was talking with. Next thing he knows the one cop who interrupted started slugging him in the head then 2 more jump in to dish out an old fashioned "beating by the man"Latter they claimed he was drunk...He hasn't had a drink in 25 years....nice one Brute's

Notice how the cop roughly shoves the AP reporter up against a vehicle....no wonder they get called "pigs"
--> HERE <-- is a link on this innocent man getting beat in New Orleans by the Police and
--> HERE <-- is another version that includes a short clip from the BBC.
The new chief says it was unnecessary use of force, Dont make me laugh! Did he figure that out all by his self?

Hey regarding the investigation into the causes of concrete floodwall breaches that swamped large portions of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina at NOLA.com some reports by Corps critics already are questioning whether the Corps – with its reputation and billions of dollars in financing on the line – has a conflict of interest in investigating itself.? Gee maybe we can get FEMA to investigate or The Republican party....we can trust them...
hmmmm who can we blame?

Posted by joe-anybody at 2:45 AM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 12 October 2005 3:34 AM PDT
Saturday, 8 October 2005
Fingerprints taken to enter Disney World
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Topic: Civil Rights
Giving up your fingerprints to enter Disney World?
Come on is this part of the Bush Plan to stop Terrorism?
First this practice fails the proportionality test.
Proportionality answers the question--is the amount and type of information being collected equal the level of security being sought?

Posted by joe-anybody at 4:40 AM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 8 October 2005 7:30 PM PDT

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