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Sunday, 25 September 2005
Nader speaks at War Protest
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Topic: Nader's Good Fight
I heard that Ralph Nader was at the WAR PROTEST in Washington DC on Saturday 9-24-05.
Which by the way sounds like there was only a handful of Democrat Party leaders who even bothered to show up to support the March for Peace and to End the War.
But when I read the SF Chronicle web page on the event Ralph's name wasn't mentioned, Ha (nothing new there!)
Ralph has helped start up the Peace Activist Group located in Washington DC Democracy Rising.US who's mission is in part summed up by this quote from their website "Democracy Rising, a founding member of United for Peace and Justice, has been involved in opposing the war in Iraq from the beginning. The Democracy Rising peace project seeks to bring the troops home and end the occupation of Iraq by empowering activists so they cannot be ignored by decision makers in Washington, DC." for their mission statement click --> HERE <-- Ya I support this protest. You bet! I wish I could of went to it. I especially support this push to End The War when I see that around 29,000 Iraqi innocent civilians are now dead thanks to this insane war machine. Notice I used the word "civilian" most of which I must note are women and children that have suffered at the hands of Freedom.

What I did find, and is worth listening to was a short audio clip from Feb 2003 that last about 7 minutes. In the audio Ralph speaks on War and Peace and other various points of interest concerning our Radical Extremist Government's Abuse of the America we love and a reckless waged attack on the country of Iraq.

Then here is the new web page I just surfed upon that as described by the old-data miner 'Google' - 'A non-profit organization founded by Ralph Nader which encourages citizens to become active and engaged in their communities' which is amply titled Essential Information now this is new to me so I pass the link unconfirmed but it does look interesting.

I do know there is this new book out that looks pretty good from Ralph "Crashing The Party"which is about the Corporate Strangle Hold on our lives and freedom and as Ralph says in his book "In an age of deepening concentration of conglomerate media corporations, their executives have their own interests to defend and expand. More and more, newspapers, magazines, and television and radio stations are caught up in the larger megacorporate strategic objectives..." it looks like a good read that gets to the source of the problems in Government today, from NAFTA to the Debates sham to the voting problems to the power of money that controls the Two Major Parties.

What I really was surfing todays news for was the speech Ralph gave at the Protest yesterday. Let me dig a little further.....catch ya latter

Posted by joe-anybody at 1:21 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 27 September 2005 3:26 AM PDT

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