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Friday, 4 November 2005
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Wednesday, 2 November 2005
Is Radation Burning a Hole in my Head
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Now Playing: Cell Phones Effects Are Less Risky Than Driving in a Car
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It’s that age-old question again

CNET Web poster Adbates, who’s answer, to me, seemed the most informative concerning the whole wide mix of variables on this subject, informs us click HERE

He says that when compared to other types of risks we take …the cell phone really isn’t too dangerous. For example he makes the point “If there were a significant increased health effect from cell phone radiation, there would not be conflicting reports from studies trying to detect an effect, since people for years have been exposed to all sorts of radiation in the wavelength ranges involved with cell phones.”

He also mentions that he personally thinks, “By exercising and eating foods that help your body counteract the effects of free radicals, you can more than wipe out any risks of cell phone radiation, and likely a few other better known actual health risks too.”

Ha! Now I like this concept posted on the CNET forum by “griffin6002”
(quote)“Your cell phone, for all practical purposes, is safe. Considering it could summon emergency help or prevent you from being mugged or raped, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.”(end-quote)

HA HA even a better one by “jahan” who says candidly (quote) ”Personally, I'm not worried about the effects of mobile radiation. If cigarettes and alcohol don't kill me, what will a little mobile phone radiation be able to do?” (end-quote)

Woops! Its not all one sided
Here is what am a degreed RF/Microwave Engineer said “I have been working in the cellular communications field for 21 years. There are plenty of worldwide studies showing that cellular phone radiation is damaging/harmful to animals and humans. All you have to do is Google keywords like "cell phone, radiation effects, blood-brain barrier, long-term effects, mobile phone radiation,"

Now if you’re interested you may want to check this CNET link
Cell Phone Radation

It has lots of information so if you do some research include this site on CNET which has for example: What are the top 10 worst cell phones for Radiation and many other informative charts and links.
(By the way Motorola wins with the most on Top 10 worst phones)

But hey! WHAT? My cell the Z500a Sony Erickson is a whooping 1.47 SAR level and that is getting very close to the worst…maybe I am concerned afterall hmmmmmmmm?


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Sunday, 23 October 2005
Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover
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good girl gone bad

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Monday, 17 October 2005
The Power of an Innocent Baby
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Now Playing: street roots poet hits homerun
Topic: Poolside & Surfing
I don't really know him
I see him about once a week
Selling the Homeless "Street Roots" newspaper.

He gets 75 cents ..the newspaper gets a 25 cents.
A co-worker and I see him on the corner by Safeway, selling the paper in his usual upbeat way.

He is a nice young man, with a friendly attitude and generally a happy mood.
Tattoos all over his face and neck and actually where ever I see skin..., makes me feel kind of leery, but then I see his girlfriend is with him, sitting next to their newborn baby who is sleeping in the deluxe size baby carriage, all which eases the feeling of uncertainty of intermingling with the tattooed anarchy news paper hawker.

The baby is sleeping, all tucked and snuggled away in a warm clean blanket, eyes closed as the sun warms her face. I walk by, stopping to buy the paper, my co-worker and I joke with him that we both want our own copy and why sharing one copy wouldn't be good for him anyway.

As we walk away he says "Hey! I wrote the poem on the bottom of page Four. and it doesn't have anything bad or about death or the devil in it!" we smile and I say "Cool! we will check it out" He says "The poem is about my beautiful daughter" then he grins and looks down at her. hmmmmmm he must of written some devil poems or stuff about Death at some time or another ... he seems sort a like a punk rocker/ anarchy tattooed kinda guy so i guess that kind of comment shouldn't be to off

None the less, here it is in the Zebra 3 Report right from the streets of Portland quoted/copied from
Street Roots Issue Oct 14 2005 the poem titled:

Zaphen Ray
by Jason Mitchell

The birth of a new creation
into this distraught world of devastation
brings some relaxation
to my every day frustration.
Feeling guilty of treason.
Thanks to my daughter
I know have reason,
a family to celebrate
the season of believing
the magic of conceiving
the beautiful gift of life
on which you cannot put a price.
Being needed is very nice.

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Thursday, 13 October 2005
A Line of GOP's on the side of the Road
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Hey Joe! ......Anybody wanna go for a drive?

Well get your hat on And hold on, its wet And it might get slippery!
Hey there is Tom Delay standing out in the rain ...keep driving! .....

HA! He deserves it!

Here read this while your driving (quote)"Studies have shown this process causes deafening noise, harming the marine environment. It causes fish swim bladders to explode, kills marine larvae, And disrupts the traditional migratory paths of some fish species And marine mammals, such as whales And dolphins. In some places, these disturbances have resulted in reductions in commercial fish catches up to 50 percent, And have caused whales to leave waters where they are habitually found".(end quote)
Wait! It also says "This process involves sending out sonic booms every 10-15 seconds."
Well Geee wizzz! Is this a Republican War Hawk with a new "sea weapon" they are testing?

But --> Noooo! Its George Bush administration's Minerals Management Service is preparing to conduct seismic testing off our coast to find possible offshore oil And gas drilling sites. So this is the first step toward opening such sites to drilling, And the seismic testing itself threatens fish And whale populations. As The Register Guard said in its July 28th editorial,"The intent is clear: to lay the groundwork. or drilling in sensitive coastal zones such as those off the Oregon Coast." I myself think it would be a shame. Because as we sleep the oceans will be screaming. And its so hard to drive And listen, And you know ...and sleeping too! this info found from At least thats what the email I got from OSPRIG.....
hey! there is ol What His Name ...the Frist Dude he is standing out in the rain too,,,, wow! crazy! hey slow down look at him ...Frist's ability to influence HCA stock decisions in the partnership was detailed in separate trust And partnership documents obtained by the AP. But he is not suppose to be affiliated with them or is to ensure lack of not only conflict of interest but appearance of conflict of interest at least" ,,,keep going dont stop I dont wanna talk to him! ..

OK, Here read (while I hold the wheel) THIS funny bit --> "Those documents show Thomas Frist was listed as the "general partner" And "registered agent" of Bowling Avenue Partners. He also was listed as president of the partnership's management company.
HCA is the nation's largest for-profit hospital chain. Thomas Frist is its chairman emeritus".
Wow! He is looking like he should get a ride with Tom! Ha no conflict of interest there! Shit I musta been sleeping when he pulled that one!

Speaking of Tom - How-The-heck-are-ya- Hammer denies any wrongdoing! burp* However, he was obligated to temporarily step aside as majority leader when charged. HA ha oooops caught were ya Tom?
The charges allege that corporate money was funneled to Texas legislative candidates in violation of state law. I knew it I bet he is BUSTED!! AGAIN!
You remember my Bakers Dozen Link I posted on Oct 3 here in the Zerra 3 Report.It was about Toms dirty big dollar tricks, so blatant And obvious, dang he could be a $ manipulating politician and he was caught with unethically money And with no doubt the crooners who support him with their wallets to gain favors in his tricky un-ethically ways.

Darn "lookout!" almost hit that guy who looked like Karl Rove ..didnt seem him lerking in the shadows along the wet roadside ...its so dark now And he is so shady you hardly can see him.., matter of fact when the other day that FAKE terrorist ALERT about in the NY SUBWAYS was being broad casted ...KArl (shady)ROve was in the news about one of his recent indictments. But we hardly got to enjoy that because but ..hey if we are not sleeping or working ..there probably is a terror alert (FAKE) You know to keep us under the thumb And preoccupiedly scared and in FEAR. Who can catch the news about Georges best friend K being INDICTED when we are so busy with FAKE reports on TERROR...

Shit the poor Republican Party more n more starting to look like a wet soggy bunch of Jail Birds!
Did they say orange or yellow alert day?
(panic - Fear)
Oh? ha they don't use that ol trick since before the election.., I had forgot .., worked for a while huh? Dang are we there yet this is getting long. That scared me seeing that last politician ...the "shady one"

YA know I bet he has to "Hit The Road Jack" I mean such a spindoctor basically means he is a LIAR. Thats not what I want in the White House.

Speaking of spin look at this Staged Teleconference Media Event...ha - whoa!!!!! get the press get the cameras read your line ...Practice Practice Practice..this is Presidential Bullshit so get it down we gotta make this WAR look good.

Do my taxes pay for this spin?

I mean listen to this quote --> "The soldiers all gave Bush an upbeat view of the situation. The president also got praise from the Iraqi soldier who was part of the chat." "Thank you very much for everything," he gushed. "I like you."

And all the while People dying for phony reasons ...well that is just what I heard Saddam is saying his death penalty is all about (cant blame him I would claim the same) read THIS about how, his attorney is saying the Bush Company doesn't have a good enough charge to pin on him. wow what next?... Damn Do I see Saddam on the side off the road hitchhiking as a free man in the near future?

"He had full immunity under the prevailing Iraqi
constitution and you cannot have a retroactive legislation that removes that immunity," Alani said in an interview with the BBC's "Newsnight" program late on Thursday.
and also...
The BBC said "Saddam's defense team has just received an 800-page bundle outlining the prosecution case. The report said many of the pages they have been sent are unreadable and they still have no charge details". Who compiled that report? Bozo the clown or maybe a bunch of Neocons? With their National Security Secret Ways> shit unreadable ..do you believe that?

Man what a drive....no wonder the The Bush administration pressed for the Supreme Court lawsuits claiming retaliation on Wednesday for a ruling that would make it harder for government whistleblowers to win . OH really ...God America, do we want that? Our rights slip if we just slightly sleep at the wheel....
I get tired of these Phony 1/2 assed truths!

I did think it was rather odd seeing so many GOP's lined up on the side of the road in the cold wet rain as we drove. Hey! Every man for him self like they say in that Grand Ol Party Way. Thanks for riding along.., read up ..Stay awake! and remember if "you" dont fight for truth and justice "who" will?

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Sunday, 9 October 2005
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Now Playing: Crazy Secret Gatherings and Bizarre Connections to Bilderberg
Topic: Poolside & Surfing
In this very short clip he shows us he is looking into the secret doings of Bohemian Grove ...very odd stuff if you ask me

....and besides why are so many worldly T0P Officials and corporation CEO's going to these Bilderberg meetings? And why does it have to be so secret cause it just seems really damn strange huh? ....hmmmmmmmm? If they are getting together we Joe Anybody citizens have a right to know what is up with these networking cultist?

There are some people who don't like this type of crap! And they are trying to do something about this secret bullshit behind locked gates and for example "You can't shit on us anymore" is what Alex Jones says as he goes inside the gates of the Grove, see the 2 part series below.

Watch this cool clip of the infiltration into the secret Bilderberg Groups Meeting at Bohemian Grove PART 1 VIDEO CLIP
then here is PART 2 VIDEO CLIP just wish it shown more of the actual going-ons inside their meetings etc. The videos are not long enough.

A great long list of the "Alex Jones Reports" are found right --> HERE = You got to check em out!

This link -->HERE is about those Bilderberg's. It is a radio program narrated by Alex Jones and just one of the few that exposes this charade.

This ritual of the Owl Burning and hooded cloaks by attendee's's's and a mock sacrifice of a young child....I mean I have heard of dinner theater but what is this shit?
Most people don't even know about this little cult-get-together. I am starting to worry about these weird-os heck these are major leaders for peanuts sake!

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Saturday, 8 October 2005
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Topic: Poolside & Surfing
What Do You Call It?

1. What do you call it when a group of people take the law into their own hands and kill people without a fair trial?
~ A lynching
What do you call it when the United States takes the law into its own hands and kills people without a fair trial?
~ Operation Enduring Freedom

2. What do you call someone who explodes a bomb and kills innocent people?
~ A terrorist
What do you call someone who drops a bomb from a plane and kills innocent people?
~ A brave American pilot

3. What do you call a weapon that can kill thousands of people?
~ A weapon of mass destruction.
What do you call a weapon that has killed 1.5 million, including more than 500,000 children?
~ Sanctions

4. What do you call an attack on the Pentagon, a command and control center in the United States?
~ A cowardly attack
What do you call the destruction of an Afghan village by U.S. bombs?
~ An attack on a Taliban command and control center

5. What do you call it when about 3,000 people were killed in the September 11th attack?
~ An atrocity
What do you call it when about 5 million people were killed in the Vietnam war?
~ A mistake

6. What do you call someone who stands up in front of a crowd and tells stories?
~ An entertainer
What do you call someone who stands up in front of a crowd at the Pentagon and tells stories?
~ Donald Rumsfeld

*My apologies for not giving someone credit there was no names to give credit to when I seen this on the web it was being passed in a nameless fourm.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2005
Poolside Joke
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Hey here sitting by the pool! A joke or two keeps us howling clear into the night. This shakedown picture cracks me up every time. Looks like the TSA or FEMA has found some escaping refugees from the New Orleans Relief Compounds or some border crossing terrorists to hassle... Throw me a towel this water is cold!

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Saturday, 24 September 2005
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Topic: Poolside & Surfing
Although not recently updated in quite a while. Check my web page that I also have been working on. Now that summer is over, it is amply named in the spirit of a good swim in the pool on on a hot summer day. http://home.comcast.net/~sittingbythepool/sittingbythepoolwithzebra3.html Click here for my poolside web page "Thanks for all the Good in the World" "Now Can We Clean Up Some of The Bad?"

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Updated: Tuesday, 27 September 2005 3:27 AM PDT

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