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Wednesday, 2 November 2005
Is Radation Burning a Hole in my Head
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It’s that age-old question again

CNET Web poster Adbates, who’s answer, to me, seemed the most informative concerning the whole wide mix of variables on this subject, informs us click HERE

He says that when compared to other types of risks we take …the cell phone really isn’t too dangerous. For example he makes the point “If there were a significant increased health effect from cell phone radiation, there would not be conflicting reports from studies trying to detect an effect, since people for years have been exposed to all sorts of radiation in the wavelength ranges involved with cell phones.”

He also mentions that he personally thinks, “By exercising and eating foods that help your body counteract the effects of free radicals, you can more than wipe out any risks of cell phone radiation, and likely a few other better known actual health risks too.”

Ha! Now I like this concept posted on the CNET forum by “griffin6002”
(quote)“Your cell phone, for all practical purposes, is safe. Considering it could summon emergency help or prevent you from being mugged or raped, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.”(end-quote)

HA HA even a better one by “jahan” who says candidly (quote) ”Personally, I'm not worried about the effects of mobile radiation. If cigarettes and alcohol don't kill me, what will a little mobile phone radiation be able to do?” (end-quote)

Woops! Its not all one sided
Here is what am a degreed RF/Microwave Engineer said “I have been working in the cellular communications field for 21 years. There are plenty of worldwide studies showing that cellular phone radiation is damaging/harmful to animals and humans. All you have to do is Google keywords like "cell phone, radiation effects, blood-brain barrier, long-term effects, mobile phone radiation,"

Now if you’re interested you may want to check this CNET link
Cell Phone Radation

It has lots of information so if you do some research include this site on CNET which has for example: What are the top 10 worst cell phones for Radiation and many other informative charts and links.
(By the way Motorola wins with the most on Top 10 worst phones)

But hey! WHAT? My cell the Z500a Sony Erickson is a whooping 1.47 SAR level and that is getting very close to the worst…maybe I am concerned afterall hmmmmmmmm?


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Updated: Wednesday, 2 November 2005 6:16 PM PST

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