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Saturday, 29 October 2005
Laura Bush Is Greeted By Protestors
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The following is a copy/paste from "The Hilltop" website by Zebra 3 Report

What started as a demonstration of 50 students standing around the flagpole in the bitter coldness of the fall ended with a protest lasting five hours and more than 200 hundred students demanding First Lady Laura Bush to leave the DC Howard University.

"How do you use our facilities and not invite us," asked April Jones, a senior communications major. "We are protesting that and the Bush Administration."

Hassan Minor, senior vice president of the university and the person responsible for the event, told the gathered group that one of the reasons why they were not included in the conference was spacing purposes.
Minor also said that the reasoning behind the closures and the rerouting of students was caused by the secret service's need to protect the First Lady.

Even with the arrival of Howard President H. Patrick Swygert, students still refused to leave. Swygert pleaded with the group to follow him to the flag pole, where security officials said students were allowed to protest. Swygert began walking into the midst of students, telling them to follow him.

At one point, Swygert stopped in front of a student and said follow me.

"These people who would put you in harm's are not looking out for your interests," Swygert said, clutching the student's arm.

The student, who wished to not be identified, stood firm and began to cry. "He doesn't know me," she said. "He doesn't know what I've been through or what my family has been through. He doesn't know why I have to stand here."

Standing on the front lines of the protest, Howard alum and graduate student Amanda Lewis said she was there because of her father who is in the military.

Swygert said that he is proud of the way the students exercised their first amendment rights.
"This is a teaching moment for all of us," he said. "I hope we come out of this a stronger University."

Hey just about any Joe Anybody can stand up and be counted and I admire this group of students who did just that!....and even Swygert deserves some credit. Hey! "NO POLICE VIOLENCE" either...WOW!!


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Wednesday, 5 October 2005
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Topic: Protest !
Hey! Its Joe~Anybody here, I was wondering.... Is it that you "don't like PETA" or you "don't like what they expose you to, when you really don't want to know?" I had to consider if passing this link along was, well you know... appropriate? But then when I was watching as much of this shocking! VIDEO as I could stand I realized "maybe the inappropriatism is what PETA is exposing" and in that case Hell Ya no problem --> So I pass this LINK along about the Fur Farms in China. You see, it turns out there are no regulations governing these fur farms in China. The farmers can house and slaughter animals however they see fit and they do! Believe me! Excruciating deaths, and miserable lives. Uncalled for abuse. Now after watching this video it has twisted an image in my memory and PETA gets its message through to one more heart.., mine The Drum beat to Save the Animals seems a little louder. And it feels Good for an average 'Joe' like me to be a little more aware and outraged after watching only just a part of that video and yet now...am ready to join in and Drum. ...One thing I know for sure is, I can't watch any more of that video!!!

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Updated: Friday, 7 October 2005 12:32 AM PDT

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