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Saturday, 24 September 2005
Morning Coffee was Bitter as the News
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
I awoke today with the sun hitting bright on the alarm clock, it was hard to read...

What 11:30 already?
Next thing I know I have a cup of hot coffee and the New York Times in my hand.
I can hear the neighborhood kids playing ball down the street. The Sun is shining and it’s the 3rd day of autumn. I am feeling pretty rested and good. I like days like this.
The Headlines say in bold letters on the front page to the sleepyheads of America who typically are just droning their way in the sand day after day.
“Three in the 82nd Airborne say Beating Iraqi Prisoners Was Routine"
Well from then on the coffee was as bitter as this pathetic story I was holding in my hand.
I am strongly against beating or in terrorizing a pinned down or caged man, period! That’s final anything along that line is WRONG! period! And no respected Official or Leader should allow it to be happening. I hold them to be accountable. They should stop this now if they cared.

Anyway….the report brought by Human Rights Watch, and also reported by one of the soldiers, a decorated Army Captain to two senior Republican on the senate Armed Service Committee, John W. Warner of Virginia, and chairman, and John McCain of Arizona.
These abuses reportedly happened between September 2003 and April 2004 right during the investigations at Abu Ghraib. Pretty blatant and bold during a tragic semi publicized time of year of abuse being discussed in the media if you ask me. Of course comments such as "you didn’t see that did you?' were heard often as the abuse and ‘softening’ was being done.

Ooouuchh! A broken leg from being told to bend over then he (the cook) hit him in the leg with a metal bat called a min-Louisville Slugger.
One solider said he was "acting under orders" "we kept it to broken arms and legs"
Ya this coffee is bad,
but it sure is pretty outside ...and as I gaze back I say to my self " wait! lookie here what is this" ......'The Army captain who made the allegations gave Human Right Watch and Senate aids his long account only after his efforts to report the abuses to his superiors were rebuffed or ignored over 17 months according to Senate aides and John Sifton of Human Rights Watch. Seventeen Months? And he was ignored did I read that right? Why? Hey is this happening am I the only one to just read this and wonder what in the hell is going on?

Hey! Now its time to skip this coffee and crack a beer.
Maybe I will start a Web Blog to get my opinion out and to at least try to get some attention on this injustice (I say to my self) as I drink half the can in one long slow drink.
I can write then take a few comments and get to the stories I see that are slipping through the cracks un noticed or discussed by the average Joe Anybody. By me discussing these issues and at least getting them noted and off from my worried concerned mind I can say I’m trying.
For now I guess I am pissed and disgusted.
...one Beer latter and I’m writing this blog here

It would seem that this abuse of foreign prisoners
and the right we strip from them and the practice's of getting information should be considered criminal.
This is not 'my America' that is doing this to captives. Who is in charge of all this?
How can this be going on day after day? Are they not doing their job?.......or Is our Government really allowing this to happen time and time again?
I will be exploring these issues in the next few ramblings I post in the near future, I can hardly wait.

There are hundred of documents that support this assumption that we in America can say “We do Torture and We do Abuse” and until proved other wise the facts are yet to be seen to prove my assumptions wrong. But does anyone care. The sand for one to put his head in is so deep and readily available.
Maybe if the Government and military had shown some Facts, that if they had or will quit their dirty ways it may prove they are being honest and trying to do what is right. But with the Prisons in Iraq and Cuba and other we have on foreign soil and with our Pentagon using the Ghost Planes to capture and fly people out of the country where laws "don’t apply" we call this rendition by the way, but hey its a sunny Autumn day and the kids sound like its a soccer game they are playing, I should go walk through the park its a perfect day for that.

Yep a walk would be nice ....I hate to know or have to research this topic but I need to keep updated on this sad state of neglect for Human Life and Rights that belong to all Humans captive home or afar. Prisoner's treated worse than animals can't happen on my watch! Is it ok for yours?
And damn it seems this old warm beer is getting pretty damn bitter too. Not surprised after all this sad bitter news.

This is just one of many many reports that Zebra 3 will be bringing to you. Please send me your information and comments to

Joe Anybody

The article from NY Times 9-24-05 is in the link directly below here titled "Prisoners Beaten"
Read what the USA has been doing

Ref Linkhttp://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/24/politics/24abuse.html

Posted by joe-anybody at 7:56 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 27 September 2005 3:29 AM PDT

Saturday, 24 September 2005 - 8:54 PM PDT

Name: Fesup

Yeah man it does sound terrible when our elected officials tell us nothing wrong has happen, then to find yes it was happening and any reports submitted were ignored or shuffled out of sight. Damn this is so wrong that our government thinks if they lie to us we will believe them and ignore the turth when it comes out. Any officials who would look the other way or hide crimes like this are telling the world it is acceptible to treat our young soldiers this way if captured. Fair is fair, so if the other guy perfers a decapitaion to get his point acrossor road side bombs maybe he is made as hell at us for thinking we can get away with anything. How many people have died to tell us get out of their country? Tell me if you put a dog in a cage and jab it with sticks and beat it and starve it how will it respond when released? We are creating a terror network like never seen before. We can all thank GW for the fine job of creating this group. Maybe we can send them his address so they can thank him personally like.

Sunday, 25 September 2005 - 2:25 AM PDT

Name: Joe Anybody
Home Page: https://joe-anybody.tripod.com/zebra3reports/

As they lie they also are being promoted into Senior staff positions as in Abu Ghraib. This year just recently.
I had read where a senior officer at Abu Ghraib was being promoted for his great work. As I read it I was thinking he should be fired, not promoted.
Even with a front page story like this one 75% of America will not even be aware that these atrocities are happening.
Of the 25% left half will not even care or else feel defeated in trying to do anything. Of the 12.5 that do care to try and do something only half of them probably will yell loud enough or write there Senators or engage in a way to try and stop these injustices.
Man seems like the odds are right where these abusers perfer and wage they will be.

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