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Sunday, 9 October 2005
Why Are Republicans on the Top 10 List ?
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Now Playing: $180 Million Given to Oil Lovers Lawmakers
This list is made of all Republicans, they make up the Top 10 Favorite Oil Industries Politicians:

As I paste from the Greenpeace
website that said "Meanwhile, members of Congress and the oil industry are using the Katrina catastrophe as an excuse to expand offshore drilling. Last week, more than 100 companies sent a letter to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and other Republican leaders, asking Congress to open up coastal areas in other parts of the country for offshore oil and gas exploration.

The oil industry has clearly demonstrated that it cannot safely operate offshore drilling operations, and the last thing Congress should be considering is exposing the rest of the nation to these risks.

If any lesson is to be learned from hurricane Katrina, it is that the nation must move to renewable sources of energy, which will cut down on global warming and reduce dependence on unstable and dangerous forms of energy like oil and gas. “It is outrageous and unacceptable that elected officials on both sides of the aisle appear willing to do whatever it takes to help their buddies, even if it means allowing them to profit off the backs of homeless hurricane victims,” said John Passacantando, Executive Director of Greenpeace

Instead of investing in these Oil Barron's, Our elected officials who are truly concerned about this issue will take the necessary steps to invest in renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. These sources are safe, affordable, and long overdue
click HERE to send your Congressman a letter urging them to use the right type of rebuilding solutions and to quit feeding the profit ridden Oil Giants "more money" by allowing them to promote and perpetuate more dependency and not take responsible alternative answerers to real issues that need real honest attention. Sorry, this cant just be another Oil Handout.

Click -->HERE for a Greenpeace look at the hurricane damage to the oil platforms. And they want to drill some more!
Are we sleeping America?

Posted by joe-anybody at 4:04 PM PDT
Updated: Monday, 10 October 2005 1:36 AM PDT

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