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Friday, 14 October 2005
USA Guantanamo Bay's Own Prision Chaplin Wrongly Imprisoned
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Topic: Torture & Abuse
Well its a Friday on October 14 and the USA is looking to release some detainees to their own country, at least that is what the headlines from Kuwaitifreedom website say.
(OH..By the way prisoners have been held for over 1372 days without due process......Well hell! Are we not a democracy? Don't we support freedom and due process here in the US?) (well this isn't the US - haha your sleeping again America!)

But the story that caught my eye was of the ex Guantanamo Chaplin who was held in prison as a spy and latter released (whoops we are not sorry).
Now why do you suspect, that when the Chaplin would go into were the cells and prisoners were.., the Guards would yell out "Chaplin on the Block"? Ya I know why! I bet you do too!

"I am a soldier, a citizen, and a patriot, says Captain James Yee. But in the eyes of a suspicious, misguided minority who have lost touch with America's national inclusiveness, and above all else I am a Muslim and that makes me a suspect. My experience had taught me how little cultural understanding of Islam most military leaders had," hey! You would think we would have experts in other nations cultures and lifestyles, educate our military leaders before we go to war with these countries? It sure wouldn't hurt.

Yee, who is a graduate of the prestigious US Military Academy at West Point, New York, whose father and two brothers were also soldiers, quit the US military after he was cleared of espionage charges.
Yee said he wanted to help his colleagues understand Islam. Well it looks pretty clear to just about any Joe Anybody "We understand Muslims are terrorist or suspects" this is based from the way we treat them here in the US and overseas...For example, Yee is living proof how we tend to be treating "non-Americans born" people. And he was a serviceman and of religious stature. Damn those warmongering-torturing-freedom wreckers anyway!

This Chaplin has a New Book out titled "For God and Country, Faith and Patriotism under Fire."
I really want to read it...
For Gods sake, Yee, is a Chaplin who wanted the torture to stop, and fair treatment of Islamic prisoners..., there must be some sick people running this prison/torture show when ya cant even respect the Chaplin and then try to "frame" him as a spy.
Heck Joe Anybody sure is starting to appreciate this guy.
And if you are like me, you will want to read more on Yee, so here is his Homepage website that is real informative.., it tells a lot about the injustice this man suffered, how his life that was taken for a few months, and the cost he as accrued in the hands of the Bush Crime Family. click --> HERE

Posted by joe-anybody at 1:12 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, 21 October 2005 1:45 AM PDT

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